The attitude of man to animals

It seems to me that the motto of every person should be a phrase from the story-story of A. S. Exupery “The Little Prince”: “We are responsible for those who have tamed.” Indeed, a person endowed with reason simply does not have the right to be indifferent to the fate of our smaller brothers. Thus, in this fragment of the text GN Troepolsky touches upon the problem of man’s relationship to animals and birds.

Drawing to the reader’s conversation, the author narrates about hunting in the forest with his dog Bim.

Bim is a hunting dog. He takes an easy, confident step in the autumn forest in search of prey. Finally, finding it, he raises the woodcock “.. on the wing.” A shot is fired and the dead bird falls lumpy. Beem is very happy about the work done, but Ivan Ivanovich is ashamed that he killed the bird so ruthlessly.

The writer leads the reader to the idea that it is inadmissible to destroy animals for fun, or for additional

material incomes

I completely agree with the opinion of GN Troepolsky and believe that animals should be treated with kindness and understanding. After all, they often really need the support of a person who can come to help in the most difficult situations.

In Yakovlev’s story “He killed my dog,” the boy brings home a stray dog. He cares about no one necessary dog, but his father is against: he demands to drive the dog out of the apartment. In the boy’s head does not fit in any way, that you can offend a defenseless creature that has repeatedly offended: “What prevented the dog? … I could not drive the dog out, it was once expelled.” The final story is tragic: calling a trusting dog, the father shoots him in ear.

In his novel “Do not shoot white swans” B. Vasiliev calls the reader to account for the preservation of nature. Yegor Polushkin, the protagonist of the work, is concerned about the consequences of the rest of the coming “tourists”, and also because the lake has become lifeless due to poachers. He loves and cares about

nature, so he brings two pairs of living swans from Moscow to this lake. But after some time, Yegor hears noise in the forest at night. Explosions came from the Black Lake – they silenced the fish. Running out into the light, to the fire, Yegor saw over the fire a bowler hat from which swan paws peeped out. The remaining swans, already plucked, lay near the fire, and in the fire burned the fifth swan, wooden.

Thus, we should not be useless to kill birds and animals, because killing them, a person loses humanity, goes against his conscience, a sense of pity for them.

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The attitude of man to animals