Composition is my pet

Composition is my pet

I like animals a lot. This is truly our smaller brothers, without which life would be boring and meaningless.

I always wanted to have a little fluffy friend – a kitten. Mom did not want to take a kitten for a long time, she said that a pet is not just a beautiful fluffy lump, it’s still a living being, you have to look after, watch that he eaten on time so as not to ruin the furniture and tear the curtains apart. But I stubbornly insisted on my own.

And then one day my mother came home from work and brought a wonderful little kitten. Mom found him at the entrance. It was cold outside, he was plaintively squeaking, frozen, and hungry. Mom took him into the house. That’s how I got Puff.

Now Pushok grew up and became a big and beautiful cat. He is very large and heavy, and when he eats a lot, it’s hard for him to walk. Our Puff is gray, with white spots on the paws, neck and slightly on the tail. The cat has large and expressive eyes. When I say something to the gun or sometimes I abuse, he looks at me so attentively, and it seems to me that he understands everything, only he can not talk. It happens that Gun has eyes cast in green, I like it so much. The cat has a very fluffy tail, which often collects different garbage.

I always make sure that Cannon has a smooth and combed coat. Mom bought a special comb for cats, and I comb our pet. The gun is very like when it is combed and ironed. He immediately starts to purr and put his head right under his arm. Especially our cat likes when it is patted and scratched behind the ears.

Our Puff is very picky about food. He loves sour cream, milk, ryazhenka, fresh fish and dry food. When we go fishing with Dad, we catch a small fish specially for the Cannon.

I really love my pet. He is for me – not a living toy, but a real friend, even if he does not know how to talk, but only meow and purr.

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Composition is my pet