Composition is my favorite pet cat

A cat is my favorite animal, an essay about which is offered for reading. A sad story with a happy ending tells the reader about the unexpected rescue from the raging stream of rain of a small kitten who became a full member of a friendly family. The gray cat has grown up and turned into a real beauty, a clever woman and the most faithful friend.

Cold, autumn day. It rains outside the window. The bubbling puddles merge into the lakes and, flowing in dirty streams, drain into the lowlands. I’m traveling under a warm blanket with Gulliver around the country of the Lilliputians.

Suddenly, a thin, intermittent squeak is heard. I jump out of the entrance and at the last moment I pull out a tiny kitten of an indefinite color from a furious, turbid maelstrom. He is all covered with mud and trembling like an aspen leaf. A warm shower turns his gently-gray, plush creature with emerald eyes.

In general, my favorite animal is a cat. She is independent, clean and friendly.

Therefore, the new girlfriend immediately became a member of the family named Shusha. She was sleeping on my shoulder, with a damp pink nose in her neck. Ridiculously she arched her back and swung her tail, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Diligently tried to paws and face after eating.

And Shusha loved to talk. She was sitting in front of me on the computer table and mewing incessantly. If my face turned to the side, the cat immediately pawed her chin and returned it to its place. Sometimes we wrangled for a few minutes before we started playing with a ball or a candy wrapper on a string.

Shusha grew into a big, beautiful cat, but she remained the same plaything and companion, as in her childhood. She lazily lay on the couch, catching any open movement in the room with her eyes open, and immediately turned on the game.

Shusha is my best friend. She always patiently waits for me at home, sitting on the windowsill. Thankfully purrs and rubs the back of my hand after a treat. Loyally looks into the eyes, waiting for praise or an invitation to jump into his hands. We fall asleep together and wake up. Together we have breakfast and do homework.

Let’s love nature and animals. which make us more humane.

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Composition is my favorite pet cat