How to describe a dog

There are different breeds of dogs. They are distinguished in size, structure, color, voice. Bolonka can not be confused with a dog of another breed.

Bolonka Pushok is a small house dog. She’s beautiful and shaggy. She has a white, long, silky coat. The muzzle at the Cannon is small, with huge eyes-buttons and a small nose. Curly hair on the muzzle as it hides the nose and eyes. All lap-dogs quickly catch different smells, they have a good nose. The Cannon has slightly elongated ears, which he lifts when he is alert or hears.

Paws are small, but very strong, and the front paws are slightly shorter than the hind legs. The fluff runs well, barkingly echoes and responds to its nickname.

For the first time this breed of dogs was bred in the Italian city of Bologna. From the name of this city and the name of the dog breed “Bologna”.

Puffet is a small puppy, which my grandmother and grandfather gave me on the birthday. I have long dreamed of having such a dog.

The cannon was only four weeks old, he had recently opened his eyes and looked very funny.

Like all the lapdogs, it was small, with a long white fur and short paws.

Gun had a very funny face: a small cold nose, like a button, and dark mischievous eyes.

He was very defenseless, so I kept him in my arms all the time to warm him up. When the puppy fell asleep, the muzzle was hidden in my shirt. At this time I could not play, because I protected the sweet sleep of my new friend.

The fluff was very small, and when running around the room, it seemed like a woolen ball rolling. He enjoyed drinking milk and eating special food for small dogs. We were very friendly with Pushkin, but now, unfortunately, I do not have it.

I always remember him with joy and pain, because I am very sad.

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How to describe a dog