“My friend is a dog” composition

About the dog, I began to dream from the time when a neighbor girl bought a puppy. Every time I heard a cheerful barking on the landing, I rushed to the door, looked enviously at the peephole, then stuck to the window pane. The girl proudly emerged from the entrance, and with it a puppy flew out with a bullet. He began to run around the yard, and I imagined myself in the place of the hostess.

But my parents did not share my desire to have a dog. They told me that when I grow up, I can settle at least a crocodile. Knowing the character of adults, I almost gave up, but secretly continued to dream of a four-footed friend.

We spent spring break at the dacha. My mother was engaged in a flower bed, and she sent me to a spring. Passing by one of the sites, I saw a puppy – red, mongrel, and so beautiful. That’s what I always represented my dog. The puppy yawed and wagged his tail. I had no idea how I would try to persuade my parents, but I did not doubt that this dog

would become mine.

And it happened. Parents certainly resisted, when instead of spring water I brought a red handsome man. He was sitting on the path and translating his smart eyes from Mom to Dad, and then to me.

Decided all the arrival of a neighbor. Before he could open the gate, a puppy jumped up to him and growled menacingly. Everyone laughed when he saw how the neighbor stood at attention. Dad stroked the brave man. The four of us were driving and now I also have a friend.

This dog appeared when we went to relatives. And they had puppies. Relatives offered us a puppy, whom we called Sharik. Now Sharik lives with us. It is reddish, and the tail is crocheted. His wool is thin, and his eyes are as orange as wool. He has a small growth. When I come home, he rushes at me and cheerfully wag his tail, looks at me with kind eyes. My friend lives in a kennel. And he sleeps in the same place. He feeds on what remains of the table, but his favorite treat is a bone. Our whole family knows very well, but does not trust strangers. When someone comes to us, we hear a loud barking. Once I returned home and saw

that there was no ball. And he did not respond. Then we began to look for him. We traveled all over the village, but Sharik was nowhere to be found. In the morning we arrived and heard a crack. It turned out that Sharik fell asleep in the hayloft. And we were glad that we found our pet. I really love my friend, because he is curious, cheerful and good.

My favorite animal is a dog. Honestly, I really love all animals. I like cats, hamsters, fish, birds, and even domestic rats, but a dog is my favorite animal.

As they say, the dog is the man’s best friend. And I fully agree with this. Dogs bring happiness and joy to man. They are always very cheerful, always want to frolic and play something, be it a ball or a simple bone. They protect the human house from strangers, guarding their territory. I think dogs are very devoted to the person, their master. You can recall the legendary story of the dog Hatiko, who was left to wait for his long-dead master. Hachiko is the ideal of a faithful, faithful dog.

Moreover, the dogs are very smart and easy to tame. Looking even a stray dog ​​in the eye, it creates the feeling that he understands everything, sees everything. As if through her dog’s eyes, her own soul shines through. And who has never had a feeling of guilt when you see a wandering hungry dog ​​looking pitifully at you?

It seems to me that every person understands that dogs are some of the best animals. They are intelligent, bring joy into our lives. They guard our house, guard their master and create comfort in the house. But the most important thing is that dogs are faithful and faithful brothers, our smaller ones.

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“My friend is a dog” composition