Composition about a cat

Every person has his favorite animal. I have a cat. I always dreamed of having a funny fluffy pet at home. One wonderful day, I had a long-awaited pet. I did not think much about how to call him. When Dad brought the cat to our house, she climbed on my lap and began to purr softly. So since then I call her – Murka.

My cat is a real beauty. The ears are black, the muzzle is white, and the tail is striped at all! I can look into her eyes for a long time, because they are of a surprising blue color. The character of Murka is still that! She often happens to be dissatisfied with something. At such moments my wayward pet makes a funny gesture with her mustache and eyes screwed up. The pupils also change their color. They can be almost red, and light green. On them, I always determine how upset my Murka.

If my darling has a good mood, then I can pat her without fear. At such moments Murka is very kindness. She comfortably settles on my lap and can even take a nap. But sometimes it happens that the cat is angry all day. She warns everyone about this with a twitch of her tail and a special sharp meowing.

With strangers, Murka is a real coward. She never rushes to other animals, even if very annoyed. If she understands that now the enemy will attack, then ridiculously raises the tail and runs away to hide. Despite the timid nature, my cat is very intelligent. She even learned to open the refrigerator and turn on the TV with her paws! Most of all we love to watch Murka shows about animals. That’s it, my cat. And favorite pet, and best friend.

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Composition about a cat