Description of the item in the art style

To describe an object, including an animal, or a plant from a scientific point of view. it is necessary to indicate all of its characteristics, which are definitely of interest to science, without expressing an attitude toward this subject, to show the form and content of the subject. And if it should be described from an artistic point of view. respectively, as an artistic object, then they give a description with the help of an artistic style, so imaginative, they use a lot of figurative comparisons, metaphors, allegories, epithets, many adjectives, words with diminutive value. Show their author’s attitude to the subject, working on the reader, using the vocabulary and vocabulary of the Russian language, all his techniques to convey the image of this subject, emphasize his artistic quality, to represent his own attitude and feelings for this subject.

If we talk about the scientific style:

Definition from wikipedia:

If we talk about the artistic style:


example, what is a wheat plant from a scientific point of view?

The wheat plant has a fibrous root system, the stem is hollow, or filled with parenchyma, is a straw divided along the entire length by septa, which are stem nodes, and the distances between them are internodes, all of them in wheat 5-7. Linear leaf. The inflorescence is represented by a complex ear. Fruit is a naked seedless grains, or, in agronomy, a grain. The grains are oval, round, ovoid, with a pronounced crest, a longitudinal groove.

A plant of wheat in the same artistic language – wheat, which grew up in the fields and boundless expanses, appeared from the grain in order to harvest, so that from each plant they sang bread. Each spike is a handful of grains of golden color, and the entire field of wheat gilds when it ripens, swaying from the wind, delighting the gaze. Each ear, if you pour the grains on the palm, have the smell of bread, they have absorbed the light of the sun, the rain moisture, developing on wide expanses.

Describing an animal in a scientific style, one should speak of it as a representative of its

class, family, genus, and species. Externally, how many paws, the presence of the tail, ears, the shape of the ears, the tail, the shape of the chest, etc. To say what the systems of organs are like, nervous, haematopoietic, digestive, respiratory, urinary and reproductive organs, if there is anything these systems, having described in detail. If there are no systems of organs, then it is said that it replaces them (it is preceded by them). In general, to describe all that is an animal for science, meaning in nature, commercial significance, in the life of man.

For example, you can start talking about the wolf in a scientific style:

And speaking in an artistic style, tell how shiny and fluffy the animal’s hair is, how playful habits, manners, good nature (or, conversely), show your attitude towards the creature.

If we talk about the wolf in the art style, we can start talking about it in this way:

The wolf is a predatory, wild animal, with its habits and temper, beautiful with its grace, slender and fearless.

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Description of the item in the art style