Composition “My Favorite Cat”

I have long asked my parents to buy me a small kitten. And one day my dream came true! It happened on the day of my birth. In the morning I woke up, and a long-awaited surprise waited for me – next to the bed sat a small, fluffy kitten looking reddish. I was very happy and immediately kissed my mother and father.

Kitten decided to call Peach. He is a peach-red color, and his legs are white, like socks. Peach’s eyes are gray-blue, very beautiful. Peach is a very beautiful kitten. I’ve never seen anyone like that before. Finally, I had a long-awaited pet.

Even before his appearance, I knew that taking care of animals was not as easy as it might seem. First of all, I accustomed Peach to the tray. He was extremely clever. My mother and I have chosen a place in the kitchen where it is better to put bowls for him: one for food, the other for water.

Peach began to wake me up in the morning. He comes up to me and begins to mew meekly so I do not sleep in school. And recently I watched him sitting on the windowsill and looking at the birds flying past the window. At first he just sat, and then he began to play with their paws. It was very funny! Peach likes to sit on the windowsill and watch what’s happening outside the window. He, like all cats and cats, loves basking on the battery and purring with pleasure. In the summer, when we go to my grandmother in the village, we will definitely take it with us.

I really enjoy playing with my new friend. He runs after bows, behind small toys. It turns out very funny. We almost never part with it. If I leave at school, I immediately begin to miss him. I look forward to returning home to embrace my fuzzy. No wonder they say that animals feel good, kind attitude towards themselves and reciprocate. Now I know this for sure.

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Composition “My Favorite Cat”