Russian folk tales about animals in brief content

Fox-sister and wolf

The woman in the hut makes a patty and puts it on the windowsill so that it is baked in the sun, because they do not even have a stove with their grandfather – so they live poorly. A fox and a wolf pass by and steal a pie. The fox secretly eats all the stuffing, and blames the wolf on the wolf. He vows that he did not even touch the pie. Then the fox offers him a test: you have to lie down in the sun, and whoever waxes on the body from the heat, he ate the honey filling. The wolf falls asleep, the fox, meanwhile, steals the honeycomb on the apiary, eats it, and waxes it over the wolf’s skin. So the cheat gets it: the wolf has to admit that he did not do it, because he does not even remember how and when he ate the stuffing from the pie. The ashamed wolf promises the fox to give up his share at the first prey.

The fox pretends to be dead, and passing by the peasants pick it up and throw it on the cart with the fish. A sly fox dumps fish

from the cart, collects prey and tells the hungry wolf how she caught so many fish. He, obeying her advice, goes to the river and thrusts his tail into the hole. The fox waits, when the wolf’s tail completely freezes, runs to the village and calls the people to beat the wolf. He manages to escape, jumping into someone’s sleigh, but he remains without a tail. The fox, meanwhile, runs into the hut, smears in the dough, runs behind the village and lies down on the road. When a wolf passes by, she complains to him: she was beaten so badly that even the brain made bones out of the bones. A trustworthy wolf sympathizes with her, and the fox settles in a sleigh. As soon as the wolf leaves for the wood to cut wood, the fox eats all the insides of the horse and stuffs her belly with live sparrows and straw. When the wolf notices,

For a lapot – a chicken, for a chicken – a small bowl

The fox finds a bastard and begs to go to the house to spend the night with a peasant, and asks to put his find in the chicken house. At night, she secretly throws out the bast shoes, and in the morning, when they

can not find him, she demands a chicken in return. In other houses, she uses the same way for a chicken she receives a goose, for a goose – lamb, for a lamb – a bull-calf. Refreshed her prey, she hides meat, stuffs the bull’s skin with straw, puts on the road and asks the bear and the wolf to steal the sleigh and the yoke to ride. But the straw bull does not move. Fox jumps out of the sleigh, laughs at the wolf and bear and runs away. They attack the bull-calf, but there is nothing to profit.


The wolf and fox live in a hut near the village. When the peasants and women go to haymaking, the wolf steals a zinc oil from the cellar and puts it on a high shelf in the passage to store the oil for the holiday until the fox has eaten everything. Then the fox goes on a trick: three nights in a row she tells the wolf that her name is in the midwife, and she sneaks into the canopy, puts a ladder on the wall and eats butter. A holiday is approaching. The wolf and the fox are going to invite guests and prepare a treat. When the loss of oil is detected, the wolf accuses the fox, but the cheat denies everything and puts the blame on the wolf. The fox offers him a test: you must lie down next to a melted stove and wait: from whom the oil will be drowned from the belly, he ate it. The wolf falls asleep, and the fox rubs his belly with the remains of oil. He wakes up, sees that he has all the belly in oil, gets angry with the fox and leaves the house.

Fox, hare and rooster

The fox lives in an icy hut, and the hare is in a bast. In the spring, when the fox’s mantle melts, she begs for a hare to warm up, and she herself throws it out. He complains about it first to dogs, then to a bear and a bull. They try to drive the fox out of the hare’s hut, but she yells to them from the stove: “As soon as I jump out, like jump out, scraps will go by the backstreets!” The animals run away in fear. Only a rooster is not afraid of a fox, he cuts it with a scythe and remains to live with a rabbit.

Confessor Fox

A hungry fox comes to the yard to the peasant and climbs onto the nasys. But when she is about to grab a chicken, the cock croaks all the time in her throat. With fear, the fox falls from the perch and is severely bruised. The rooster comes to the forest to take a walk, and the fox is already waiting for him. She approaches the tree on which he sat down, and deceives him with cunning speeches. The cheat reproaches the cock in that, having fifty wives, he was never at confession. The fox promises to let him sinned, if he gets off the tree and repents in everything. The rooster descends and falls into the fox’s feet. The fox is gloating: now she will get even with the cock, who did not let her get chicken when she was hungry! But the cock promises to persuade her to convince the bishop, who will soon have a feast, so that the fox is entrusted with the oven of the roast, and then they will both be polished. The fox, having heard, releases the cock, and he flies away from her.

A man, a bear and a fox

Sow a peasant’s turnip, comes a bear and threatens to kill a peasant, but he promises to give him a crop of tops, and he agrees to take roots. The bear agrees. It’s time to dig up a turnip, the bear takes the heights, and the peasant collects a turnips and carries them to the city to sell. The bear meets him on the road and tries, what are the tastes of the roots that the peasant has taken to himself. Guessing that he deceived him, the bear threatens to pick up the man, if he decides to go into the woods for firewood. The fox promises to help the peasant and when he thinks about cunning. A man goes to the woods and chop wood to himself, the fox raises a noise. The bear comes running and asks the peasant what kind of noise this is. A man answers that hunters catch wolves and bears. The bear persuades the peasant to put him in a sleigh, give him wood for firewood, and band him with ropes: then the hunters will not notice him and pass him by. The muzhik agrees and kills the tied bear. A fox comes and wants a peasant to treat her for helping him get rid of the bear. He calls her to his house, and he sets the dogs against her. The fox manages to hide in the hole and asks his eyes and ears what they did when she escaped from the dogs. The eyes respond that they watched as though she stumbled, and her ears say that they listened to whether the dogs were far away. The tail says that he just dangled under his feet, so she got confused and hit the dogs in the mouth. The fox is angry at the tail: she pulls him out of the hole and yells to the dogs to eat the fox’s tail, and they drag her out of the hole and bite her by the tail. The fox manages to hide in the hole and asks his eyes and ears what they did when she escaped from the dogs. The eyes respond that they watched as though she stumbled, and her ears say that they listened to whether the dogs were far away. The tail says that he just dangled under his feet, so she got confused and hit the dogs in the mouth. The fox is angry at the tail: she pulls him out of the hole and yells to the dogs to eat the fox’s tail, and they drag her out of the hole and bite her by the tail. The fox manages to hide in the hole and asks his eyes and ears what they did when she escaped from the dogs. The eyes respond that they watched as though she stumbled, and her ears say that they listened to whether the dogs were far away. The tail says that he just dangled under his feet, so that she got confused and hit the dogs in the teeth. The fox is angry at the tail: she pulls him out of the hole and yells to the dogs to eat the fox’s tail, and they drag her out of the hole and bite her by the tail.

Beasts in the pit

The old man and the old woman live in poverty, they have only one boar. He goes to the forest to eat acorns and meets a wolf who asks to take him with him. Borov tells him that where he goes, a deep pit and a wolf will not jump over it. But he does not care, and he follows the hog. When they come to the pit, the wolf jumps and falls into it. The same happens with a bear, a hare and a fox: they all fall into a pit.

In order not to die of hunger, the fox offers to draw a voice: whoever does not pull, will be eaten. First they eat the hare, then the wolf. The cunning fox gives the bear not all its share and hides the remaining meat. When the bear ends his stock and he begins to starve, the insidious fox teaches him that he should put his paw in the ribs. He follows her advice, tears her belly and knocks, and the fox eats it. When the bear cub ends, the fox threatens to thrush, which nests a nest in a tree standing over a pit that will eat its children, if it does not feed it. Drozd feeds and feeds the fox, and then it is able to escape from the pit, only if she does not touch his children. The fox demands that he also make her laugh. Drozd flies into the village, sits at the gate and shouts: “Grandma, bring me a piece of fat!” At his shout, dogs jump out and tear the fox.

Fox and Crane

Fox is friends with the crane and invites to visit. He comes, and she treats him with semolina porridge, which is smeared on a plate. Crane pecks, pecks, but does not hit the beak. So he remains hungry. And the fox eats up all the porridge and says that there is nothing to treat. Crane also calls the fox on a visit. He cooks okroshka and serves it on a table in a pitcher with a narrow neck. Lice does not manage to eat okroshki, because the head does not fit into the pitcher! And the crane knits all the okroshka. The fox in annoyance leaves, and their friendship comes to an end.

Cat, ram, rooster and fox

They live together a cat, a sheep and a cockerel. The cat and the sheep leave the house to fight, and the fox chooses under the window and sings to lure the cockerel. He looks out, the fox grabs him and carries him to the forest. The cockerel screams, and the cat with the sheep helps him out. When they leave again, they warn the cockerel so that he does not look out of the window. But the fox sings so sweetly that the cockerel does not; can not stand it! And again the fox grabs it and carries it to the forest. The cat with the sheep come home, see that there is no their cock, make a harp and go to the forest to the fox hut. And the fox has seven daughters. A cat with a sheep is played and sung, the fox sends daughters to see who is playing nice on the harp. A cat with a sheep, one by one, is caught by all the fox daughters, and then by the fox itself. They put them in a box, go into a hut, take their cock back and go home.

Cat and fox

A peasant takes a schooly cat into a forest and throws it there. The cat settles in the hut in which the forester used to live, hunts birds and mice and lives – does not grieve. The fox first sees the cat and is surprised: what a strange beast! The cat tells her that he has been sent to them from the Siberian forests by a burmistre and called him Kotofei Ivanovich. The fox invites the cat to visit, and soon they become husband and wife. The fox goes for supplies and meets a wolf and a bear. They try to flirt with her, but she says that now she is a Burmistre wife, Lizaveta Ivanovna. The wolf and the bear ask the fox for permission to look at her husband, and the sly fox demands that they bring him a bull and a ram and hide and hide, or it will be bad for them. The wolf and the bear bring a bull and a sheep, but they do not dare to approach the foxhole and ask the hare to call the fox with the spouse.

A fox and a cat come. The cat greedily tears the bull’s carcass and mews. Bear, it sounds like a cat grumbles, which is not enough for him. The wolf tries to look at the cat, rustles the leaves, and the cat thinks it’s a mouse: it rushes on a pile of foliage and hooks the wolf into the muzzle. He runs away in fear, and the cat, frightened, climbs on the pine tree, on which the bear sits. He falls to the ground, beats himself all the liver and starts running, and the fox and cat are happy that now they have enough supplies for the whole winter.

Frightened Bear and Wolves

The old man and the old woman have a cat and a sheep. The old woman notices that the cat has tried to eat sour cream in the cellar, and persuades the old man to kill the sickly cat. Kot manages to overhear their conversation, and he deceives the ram by telling him that they are both going to be killed. They run away from home and pick a wolf’s head on the way.

Twelve wolves are warming in the forest by the fire. The cat with the sheep join them and are going to have supper. The cat reminds a sheep that they have twelve wolf heads with them, and asks him to choose the one that is fatter from them. The ram takes out of the bushes wolf’s head, which they found on the road, the wolves are frightened and try to slip away under various pretexts. A cat with a sheep and glad that they got rid of them! Wolves meet a bear in the forest and tell him about a cat with a sheep that were eaten by twelve wolves. Bear and wolves agree to invite a cat and a ram for dinner to propitiate them, and send a fox to them. The cook sets the marmot as a cook, and orders one wolf to climb a tall stump and watch. But the cat and the sheep notice the guard. The sheep scattered and knocked it off the stump, and the cat rushes at the wolf and scratches his entire face.

The cat notices that the marmot’s tail sticks out from the burrow, frightens and climbs on the pine. The bear thinks that the cat has noticed it, and jumps from the tree, almost crushing the fox. They run away together. The fox complains that the bear was badly hurt when he fell from the tree, and he answers that if he had not jumped off the pine tree, the cat would have eaten it long ago!

The Wolf and the Goat

The goat builds a hut in the forest, and babies are born to her. When she leaves the house, the kids are locked and do not go anywhere. The goat, when he returns, sings a song with his thin voice, and the kids, recognizing the mother’s voice, open the door to her. The wolf overhears the song of the goat, waits until she leaves, and sings in a rough low voice, but the kids do not unlock him and tell their mother about everything. When the goat leaves the house next time, the wolf comes again and sings already in a thin voice. Little goats unlock the door, thinking that this is their mother, and the wolf eats them all, except one, which has time to hide in the stove.

The goat comes home, finds only one kid and weeps bitterly. A wolf comes, swears to her that he did not touch her children, and calls her into the woods to take a walk. In the woods there is a goat pit, in which the robbers cook porridge, and sees that the fire in it has not yet died out. She offers the wolf to jump through the pit, and he falls directly into the fire. From the heat of the wolf bursts his belly, and from there springs the kids-alive and unharmed.

Wolf Fool

A dog lives with a peasant, serves the master faithfully, but when old age comes, the dog grows old, and the peasant takes him to the forest, ties it to a tree and throws it. A wolf comes and is about to revenge a dog for all the old grievances, but he persuades not to eat it, because the meat is old and tough: let the wolf eat it a little better, and when the meat becomes delicious, then let him do with it anything. The wolf agrees, but when the dog is eaten off, he rushes to the wolf, and he hardly carries his feet.

The wolf, angry that the dog so cunningly spent it, prowls in search of prey, meets a goat on the mountain and is going to eat it. But the cunning goat suggests that he not waste energy, but simply become under the mountain and open his mouth, and he then runs up and himself jumps into the wolf’s mouth. The wolf agrees, but the goat strikes the wolf so much that he can not recover.

At the village the wolf wants to grab a pig, but the pig does not give him and says that the piglets have just been born and need to be washed. They go to the mill, and the pig stealthily lures the wolf into the water, and she goes home with the pigs. A hungry wolf finds carrion near the threshing floor. At night, he comes to the threshing floor, but the hunter, who has long been guarding the wolf, shoots him with a gun, and the wolf comes to an end

Winterlife of animals

There is a bull in the forest, meets a ram, then a pig, a goose and a pet-goat and invites them to fellow travelers – from the winter of the summer to seek. The ox proposes to build a hut to live where there is a cold, but no one wants to help him: the ram is dissuaded by the fact that he has warm wool, the pig says that he will bury himself in the ground and get warm, and the goose and the cock are going to climb in spruce, one wing to lay under itself, and the other to cover and so to winter. The bull rises to build a house alone.

It’s winter with fierce frosts, and everyone asks for the hut, but the bull does not let it. Then the sheep threatens to knock the log out of the wall, the pig – to undermine the pillars, the goose – to pluck the moss from the walls, and the cock – to rake the ground on the roof. There is nothing to do, the bull lets them all into the hut. The fox hears a cock singing in a warm hut, comes to a bear with a wolf and tells them that he has found a prey for them – a bull and a ram. The bear opens the door, the fox rushes into the hut and wants to grab the cock, but the bull with the sheep kills her. Then the wolf enters there, but the same fate awaits him. One bear manages to leave alive, but he was bruised with a bull and a sheep!

Dog and Woodpecker

A dog lives with a peasant woman, feeds them and water, and when they become old, they drive her out of the yard. A woodpecker is flying by. He offers the dog to watch his children, and he will feed her for it. A woodpecker thinks up a cunning: when the women go to the field and take their husbands food in the pots, he pretends that he can not fly and will start to fly low over the road, here the women begin to catch him and put their pots on, and the dog will at the same time eat his fill

So they did. They go home with a woodpecker and see a fox. The dog chases the fox, and at this time along the road goes a man with a barrel of tar. The fox rushes to the cart and jumps through the spokes of the wheel, and the dog gets stuck, and it comes to an end. The woodpecker sees that the dog is dead, and begins to take revenge on the peasant because he crushed the dog. He punches a hole in a barrel and pours out all the tar. Then the woodpecker hits the horse’s head, the man tries to nail him with a log, but accidentally kills the horse. The woodpecker flies into the hut to the peasant and begins to peck the child, and when the mother wants to hit him with a stick, she accidentally kills the child

Death Cockerel

Cockerel choked on a bean seed, the hen asked the river for water, but the river says that it will give her water if the linden gives the leaf. Lipka sends the hen to the girl to give the thread, then for these threads she will give the hen a leaf. The girl demands that the hen go to the cow, and when the cow gives the chicken milk, the girl for the milk will give the hen to the thread. But the cow sends the chicken to the braids behind the hay, and the braids send it to the blacksmiths to pinch the braid, blacksmiths need coal for the smithy. Finally, the hen brings everyone what they need, and rushes with the water to the cockerel, but from that already the spirit is out.


The old man has an old woman with a hen. The hen takes the testicle, puts it on the shelf, but the mouse waves its tail, the shelf falls, the egg rolls down and breaks. The old man and the old woman are crying, the granddaughter is laying on her hands. He goes past the paddock, and, having heard about the disaster, he breaks all the gaps and throws them. The sexton asks at the pier, why did she break everything and leave her. When he heard what was happening, he ran to the bell tower and interrupted all the bells. Pop asks the sexton, why did he interrupt all the bells, and when he tells him, the pop tears up all the books.

Terem flies

A flies fly builds a tower. Come to her live louse-crawling, flea-povpoduha, a long-legged mosquito, tyutryushechka-muscle, fox Patrikeyevna, a lizard-scarlet, a dowel from under a bramble, a wolf gray tail-tail. The last one comes from the bear, the fat-footed one, and asks who lives in the house. All the inhabitants call themselves, and the bear says that he is a tarty-lyapy, all fucked up, strikes the paw with his paw and smashes it.

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Russian folk tales about animals in brief content