Funny cases with animals composition

Funny cases with animals composition

I go out to work in the morning. From the corner of my eye I see, in the front garden, near the entrance the cat sits under the birch. Well, I’m sitting and sitting, I’m moving my business. And I can hear the cat meowing. But, “meav” he had some strange turned out, rough, hoarse. As if a kotyara has been smoking since childhood, and yesterday he had been drinking all night, and now he is begging drunkenly. Of course, I looked back and looked at the striped one more closely.

There was a new “meow”, the same creaky, but still “meow” and uttered not by a cat, but a crow sitting on a birch tree and looking with interest at the cat. I even imagined that the insolent bird was cunningly and maliciously lisping, mimicking and obviously mocking

the coteyka.
It is a pity that there were no phones with a photo camera. Muzzle oshalevshego, discouraged and just a fucking cat had to capture. Words can not be conveyed, it must be seen. I do not know how long the raven was teasing the striped one, but I kept screaming at his face as I went to work.

A puppy appeared in our house. Like all puppies, he loves and misbehaves mischievous. Her husband pacifies his shoes. Slightly slam on the back, not very painful, but effective. The kid quickly realized what a sneaker is and how it is used. Sometimes it is enough just to show this formidable gun as a hooligan and the mischievous person immediately ceases to act outrageously.
Once we went to the village store and took the puppy with us. Just walked out the gate, as a neighbor’s shepherd rushed over to us. In principle, she jumped to us, so, without much aggression, but our pet immediately dived into the hole under the fence and rushed into the house. Well, of course, we thought, I was afraid of a big dog. But it was not there. We look, our puppy is carried back with slippers in the mouth.

True, I could not get back through the hole under the fence, the sneakers were in the way. But, very indignant, angry and yelp. He apparently wanted the owner to spank a big dog properly for the fact that she was behaving


Some time ago, they noticed for their parrots such bad behavior. He began to chew the grain and throw this mess in the water. There he also adds gruel from chewed apples or pears again. He waits a few days while this canoe wanders. Then he whips up the resulting mate, climbs on a branch and yells something in a bad voice. And such sounds emit that the neighbors have repeatedly come to complain. At any rate, we never heard such wild shrieks. During his drinking bouts, this hanyga becomes also aggressive. It rushes to the cage, if it comes close, and the pencil with its beak, it easily hews. Recently, they began to notice that he had begun to add bark and small twigs to his swill. Cognac is probably a bastard, he is cooking.

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Funny cases with animals composition