Composition of my pet

I like animals a lot. I think without them life will become boring and joyless. In my house there always lived an animal, sometimes several at once. In this matter I was lucky, because my mother shares my love for animals and does not object to their appearance in our family.

Now a cat lives with us, her name is Marusya. She’s mongrel, although a bit like a Siamese. Apparently, there is an admixture of thoroughbred blood in it. She appeared with us five years ago. We took this cat from an animal shelter. We then died from old age cat Matilda. We all missed her very much and therefore decided to take a kitten.

On the day off, my mother and I got into the car and drove to the orphanage. There were many animals, mostly cats and dogs. They were all of different ages, they were even thoroughbred. All of them were very sorry, because the shelter does not come from a good life. But I understood that it would not be possible to take all, so you need to choose one.


walked a long time and could not stop at one of the animals. Each of them was good in its own way. But suddenly I caught a small kitten in the corner of the cage. He was thin and somewhat intimidated. His wool did not shine and sometimes fell. I realized that it was we who should take him, otherwise he is unlikely to survive. So Marusya went to our house.

There she quickly became accustomed, fluffed and chose her bedside right on my bed. She had no problems with her appetite from the first day. A month later she was not recognized. The cat has grown, grown stronger, has got prettier. This was already not the skinny kitten we had brought from the orphanage. Now she is already a full member of the family. Marusya moves about the apartment, feeling like a mistress. She is very affectionate, gladly lets herself be ironed. And when my mother has a headache, the cat treats her, she lies next to her on the pillow and purrs until her mother falls asleep.

I really love our fluffy beauty and do not regret that I chose it.

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Composition of my pet