Biography of Yulia Vysotskaya

Yulia Aleksandrovna Vysotskaya is a popular television presenter of the culinary show, restaurateur, editor, author, actress of cinema and theater.

Early years

She was born on August 16, 1973 in the city of Novocherkassk. In 1990, Julia finishes secondary school in the city of Baku and enters the Belarusian State Academy of Arts.
In 1998, he additionally studies in London.
For a long time after graduation she worked in the theater. Yanka Kupala, where she played the main roles in such performances as “Bald Singer” and “Nameless Star”.
Later, Julia moved to Moscow and began working on the stage of MGAT them. Moscow City Council.


Since 2003, the actress has started to conduct many well-known program “We Eat Homes” on the NTV channel. Later the cycle of programs “Breakfast with Julia Vysotskaya” was published. Julia is able to prepare meals for every taste and cares about the healthy

nutrition of not only her family, but the whole country.
In 2008, Julia is invited to London, where she acts as a gastronomic curator.
In 2009, Vysotskaya invited to the position of gastronomic director in the Moscow restaurant “Family Floor”. In the same year, Julia became the editor-in-chief of the popular magazine “Khleb Sol”. Under her patronage, a website and a new program of proper nutrition have been launched. On the site you can find different dishes and advice from the popular presenter.
Julia released several culinary bestsellers, which are published in multi-million copies. Many housewives from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia are her true admirers.
In 2010, Vysotskaya opens her first gastronomic restaurant, which was named “Yernik”, and is visited by a large number of Muscovites and visitors. In the culinary studio “Julia Vysotskaya” you can participate in master classes and learn new recipes for culinary masterpieces.
In the same year, Julia plays in a unique film, filmed by her husband Andrei Konchalovsky “The Nutcracker
and the Rat King.” Here she shone in the role of the Snow Queen.
This incredible and energetic woman organized a travel company that develops routes to the most famous restaurants in Western Europe.

Personal life

In her student years, Julia married actor Anatoly Kot, who studied with her, only on a course older. But their marriage did not last long. After the actress became acquainted with the actor Igor Sidorenko, with whom they lived together for about six years.
In 1997, Vysotskaya went to Sochi, where she represented Belarus at the popular festival Kinotavr. In the elevator, the girl gets acquainted with the famous director Andrei Konchalovsky, with whom they have a romance.
For the sake of these relations, Andrei throws his wife Irina Martynova, and Julia – Igor Sidorenko.
In 1998, the couple married. They simply signed up without celebrations and social receptions. Everything was simple and trivial.
In 1999, Julia gave birth to her daughter Maria. Four years later, Peter’s son appeared in the world. Children are already actively helping my mother in the kitchen.

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Biography of Yulia Vysotskaya