Biography of André Tanneberger

Biography of André Tanneberger

ATB – DJ, producer, composer, was born in Germany.

Fascinated by the beauty of music, Andre himself decided to compose compositions in 1992. It was then that in the biography of Tanneberger, the first tracks were written using a synthesizer, a computer.

DJ Thomas Kukula invited Andre to work in his studio. So in the following year the first singles of Andre Tanneberger came out under the pseudonym Sequential One. Tanneberger’s first album “Dance” was released in 1995, and 3 more members were added to his work.

Fame outside of his country brought Andre the second album “Energy” with the band Sequential One. In 1999 the group disintegrated. In the beginning of the same year Andre under the pseudonym ATB released the track “9 PM”, which brought him great fame. Soon ATB music became popular all over the world.

Then in the biography of Andre Tanneberger was released the first album under the name ATB. The second album “Two worlds” was released in a year. Also, the music of ATB is known for its remixes on the famous songs, reworked into a dance manner.

Together with other DJs Andre Tanneberger founded the project “Trance Allstars”, and later the recording company. In 2002, Andre recorded the third album – “Dedicated”. After that, in 2003 released “Addicted To Music”, in 2004 – “No Silence”, in 2005 – “Seven Years 1998-2005”, in 2007 – “Trilogy”.

In addition, for the entire biography of ATB released a lot of singles, not included in the albums. Also there were some compilations, DVD-editions. Music ATB is awarded with many awards. Andre and his friends founded a DJ school.

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Biography of André Tanneberger