Biography of Miroslava Karpovich

Miroslava Olegovna Karpovich – actress of theater and cinema, one of the heroines of the series “Daddy’s Daughters.”

Miroslava was born on March 1, 1986 in the Ukrainian city of Berdyansk. As a child, in her biography, Miroslava Karpovich was a naughty, brisk girl. Even from a small age I learned to achieve what I want.

Even at a young age, Mira wanted to be an actress, was stubbornly pursuing this goal. And in 2006 she successfully graduated from the Moscow Art Theater, where she studied with excellent teachers: Zolotovitsky and Zemtsov. The first role in the theater in the biography of Karpovich was played during the training. It was a production of “Pyshka”. Also in the theater, Miroslava played in the performances: “Do not part with your loved ones”, “You”, “Nameless Star”, “For Family Circumstances”. For her roles in the theater, the young actress already received the Golden Leaf and the Tsarev Prize.

In the movie, Miroslava Karpovich made her debut in 2007 in the comedy “Holy cause”, where she played professionally enough. For Mira Karpovich, the biography of that year is associated with several more films. Then she starred in the films “Plus One”, “Dove”. But the real glory overtook the actress after the episode “Daddy’s Daughters”. In it, Mira plays Masha – a glamorous beauty who cares, first of all, her appearance, is interested in popular stars, enjoys the attention of the guys. At the time of filming, Miroslava’s age was 21, and she played a 17-year-old. In 2008, the actress starred in the movie “New Year’s Tariff.”

Despite the constant employment, Miroslava likes to roller-skate, have fun, attend theater and cinema. She speaks several languages: French, Italian, English.

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Biography of Miroslava Karpovich