Biography of Elena Proklova

Elena Igorevna Proklova – actress, Honored Artist of Russia, TV presenter.

Elena Proklova was born on September 2, 1953 in Moscow. Already in her childhood Elena Proklova was surrounded by creative people in her biography. Undoubtedly, this affected its future fate. In her youth Elena did not even think about acting career, but seriously engaged in sports. So at 11 years in the biography of Proklova was awarded the title of master of sports in gymnastics.

Elena debuted at the cinema in 1965. Then she starred in the movie “Call, open the door”, directed by her grandfather. The following year she played in the movie “The Snow Queen”. In general, in her entire biography, Proklova acted in more than 30 films. Among the famous films with her participation: “Burn, Burn, My Star”, “The Only One”, “Mimino”, “Sentimental Novel”, “Dog in the Manger”, “Golubka”, “Be Happy Julia”, “Remember Me This” and many others. In the theater Elena played a role in the production of “Everything passes.”

Elena also excelled herself as a TV presenter. Since 2006, Proklova, along with Gennady Malakhov, has been conducting the program “Malakhov +”. Elena actively participates in the political life of the country, is part of the party “United Russia”.

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Biography of Elena Proklova