Biography of Elena Safonova

Elena Vsevolodovna Safonova is a Russian actress.

Elena was born on June 14, 1956 in Leningrad in a creative family. Elena’s father was an actor, and his mother – a director. Not surprisingly, Elena Safonova in her biography chose an acting profession. She received higher education at the Gerasimov State Institute of Cinematography. Also in the biography of Elena Safonova, the Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography of Leningrad was graduated.

In 1981, right after graduating from the institute, Elena began performing at the Komissarzhevskaya Theater. And five years later she became an actress of “Mosfilm”. It should be noted that Elena’s mother, Valery Rublev, worked as a director at the same film studio.

The debut in the movie in the biography of actress Elena Safonova was held in 1974. Then she played in the movie “I’m looking for my destiny”. Since then, Safonov has appeared in almost sixty films. Among some of her most famous works are “Two Under One Umbrella”, “Winter Cherry”, “Sofya Kovalevskaya”, “Black Eyes”. Also Elena played in the films: “Butterflies,” “Admirer,” “Women’s Property,” “Pan or Disappeared,” “The Hare on the Abyss.” Safonova was recognized as an actress of the year in 1985. Also Elena has several awards and awards.

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Biography of Elena Safonova