Biography of Julia Bordovskih

Julia Bordovskikh is a well-known Russian TV presenter, writer, actress, sportswoman. Candidate in master of sports in basketball.

Julia Bordovskikh was born on July 5, 1969 in Moscow. Since early childhood, she was engaged in sports. In 1986, Bordovskikh graduated from the sports school of the Olympic reserve, received the title of candidate for master of sports in basketball. But soon the girl left the sport and went into journalism. She entered the Moscow State University for journalism, which graduated in 1991.

TV career

Julia got on television in 1994, thanks to Leonid Parfenov, who invited her to his work. However, the cooperation with Parfyonov lasted only a month, after which Bordovskikh became a sports editor of the NTV channel. Julia was the leading sports news on the channel NTV for 7 whole years.

In 2001, after changing the leadership of the channel, Julia, along with a group of like-minded people, left the channel and got a job at the TV-6

channel. However, it did not work for a long time, the channel soon disintegrated. That’s why Bordovskikh came to the NTV-Plus channel, where she became the host of her own program “A New Day with Yulia Bordovskikh.”

In 2002, Julia and other presenters returned to work in the sports news section on the NTV channel. A year later she became the host of the program “Country and the World” together with Anton Khrekov, on the same NTV.

In 2004, Julia led a charity marathon, conducted by the radio station “Our Radio”, to help the victims in Beslan.
Julia Bordovskikh was the host of several famous talk shows “Short Encounters”, “For You” and the program “This morning”.

Career of the actress

As an actress, Julia is less successful than a TV presenter, but she has some achievements in this field.

Bordovskih performed the main female role in the film “The Sunny Impact”. Played an episodic role in the sensational film on the book by Victor Pelevin “Generation P”. In addition, Julia worked in the advertising field, in 2000 she participated in the shooting of the advertising of the drink Pepsi Light.

Career writer

Being a creative person, Julia wrote several books that were recognized by the audience. Bordovsky released such books as “Fitness with pleasure”, “Fitness for two,” “Space of Love.”

He is married to Alexei Kravtsov, who since 2009 heads the Russian Skating Union.

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Biography of Julia Bordovskih