Biography of Darya Melnikova

Darya Alekseevna Melnikova is a film actress.

Daria was born on February 9, 1992 in Omsk. In the same city, in the biography of Dasha Melnikova, several happy childhood years were spent. Dasha studied in several schools, lyceums, but from the very first years showed a craving for creativity. Since three years he has been dancing, and with five – ballet. The main time was devoted to these studies.

The school of modern jazz, in which she studied Melnikova, performed one day at the festival in the camp “Eaglet”. It was there that the director Yuri Morozov saw the talent of Dasha, and then invited to act in films. So Dasha Melnikova in the biography played the first role in the movie – in the movie “Cinderella 4X4”. And Dasha was shot immediately in the main role.

Then Dasha again was lucky – she easily passed the casting for the role of sports daughter in the series “Daddy’s Daughter”, which appears on the channel STS. It was thanks to this image that the young actress became very famous. Despite the small experience, Dasha with interest and skill entered the image of the sports daughter, and on the court received all the missing acting knowledge.

Also Dasha Melnikova for her biography starred in other films: “Squirrel in the wheel,” “Such is life,” “Rules for theft,” and in 2010 will play Alice Selezneva in the film “The Adventures of Alice., The Prisoners of Three Planets.” Dasha plans to continue his education in one of the casting institutes.

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Biography of Darya Melnikova