Biography of Julia Kovalchuk

Russian actress Yulia Kovalchuk is a famous singer, TV host of show programs, TV programs. Was part of the popular girlish group “Brilliant”. A creative personality who took part in various shows and projects. Continues to engage in vocal activities and works as a television presenter.

She was born on November 12, 1982 in Volzhsky, which is in the Volgograd region. Parents have put in the girl high creative potential. Yulia’s mother taught at the polytechnic school, his father was the leading engineer of the local institute of projects. From an early age, Julia was drawn to creativity. In order to realize her dream, she began to intensively engage in choreographic and gymnastic exercises. At the very young age, the collective of contemporary choreography “Elite” organized itself, in which she herself took an active and direct part.

First steps

To conquer the star Olympus the girl continued, enrolling in the State University of Culture

and Art of Moscow. It was here that the future star received the skills of scenic culture, vocal education, which later became useful for career growth.

The first steps on the big stage were made in 2001, when Julia, being a member of the ballet “Brilliant”, was invited to the role of one of the soloists. It was after the release of the song and the video “Au-ayu” that Julia Kovalchuk was recognized on the street. The singer signed a contract, the terms of which expired in 2007. In this regard, the girl left a popular project and started a solo career. 2008 was a new round in the life of Julia. It was then that she recorded a new solo song “Push Me”, which brought the singer a lot of fans. She also sang along with the band “Tea together”. New debut album will please admirers of the artist.

Throughout her solo career, the singer has participated in many television show programs:
• 2007 – winner of the project “Dancing on Ice, Velvet Season”;
• 2008 – participant of “The Last Hero, Forgotten in Paradise, 6th season”;

• 2009 – an accomplice in the program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”;
– in a pair with Tair Mamedov took part in the show “Two stars”;
– an accomplice of the project “Ice Age. Fantastic continuation”.
This victory of Julia did not end – in 2013 in the television game “Cube”, not having passed just one test, the girl won 1.500.000 rubles.

The leader of popular programs

For several years the artist has been very popular in the role of presenter. Her talent was appreciated by many producers and directors. A charismatic girl attracts the attention of viewers. Several years in a row the singer was the leading popular for the whole country show “Minute of Fame”. In the beginning of 2013 – the show “Who is From Above?”. Is the leading radio program for children “We are talented”. 2014 for Julia Kovalchuk began no less fortunate – the host of the show “One in One”.

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Biography of Julia Kovalchuk