Biography of Zinaida Kirienko

Zinaida Mikhailovna Kirienko is an actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

Zinaida was born on July 9, 1933 in Makhachkala. The desire to become an actress in the biography of Zinaida Kiriyenko originated in her childhood. At first she moved with her mother to the Stavropol Territory, and after the end of the seven classes of the school, the Moscow Railway Technical School entered the school. But after the first semester I returned home. Then Zinaida decided not to turn off the planned path and again returned to Moscow, now she already entered VGIK.

The first role in the movie in the biography of actress Zinaida Kirienko was played on the first year of her studies. Then Kirienko with great success played the role of Melekhova in the film “Quiet Flows the Don”. It was this tape that brought her great popularity. After graduating from VGIK, she began to play in the drama theater of Moscow, and then in the theater-studio of the actor.

Zinaida Kirienko in her biography starred in many films. For example, in “The Fate of Man”, “The Tale of Fiery Years”, “Cossacks”. Also among the famous films with her participation – “Love of the Earth”, “I Love, I’m Waiting., Lena”, “Loving in Russian 2”. In 1977, she received the title of People’s Artist of the RSFSR. He is also a laureate of the State Prize of the USSR.

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Biography of Zinaida Kirienko