Biography of Anastasia Panina

Biography of Anastasia Panina

Anastasia Vladimirovna Panina is a Russian actress who, despite her very young age, managed to win the love and recognition of millions of viewers.

Early years

Nastya was born on January 15, 1983 in the city of Severo-Zadonsk, Tula region. Her family was no different from the thousands of Russian families that survived the collapse of the Soviet Union. Mother and father worked hard to provide a decent life for little Nastya.

My father was always in the mine, and my mother worked at a poultry farm. The young fair-haired beauty first chose a different path for herself-she began to practice rhythmic gymnastics, taking the example from her older sister.

A small town did not promise any prospects, so Anastasia, like a chick from a patrimonial nest, flew away to

conquer the heavenly expanses and adulthood, and went to Moscow.

The first acting steps

At first, the girl did not think to become an actress, considering which of the opened ways to choose for herself. But the twists of fate are sometimes too unpredictable – casting on the TV series “Poor Nastya”, in which the girl decided to take part, changed everything.

In the film, the beginning actress never acted, but soon received an offer from the director Dmitry Brusnikin and starred in the film “Happiness by prescription.”

Next was one of the main roles in the drama “The Last Confession.” Also, the actress starred in the thrilling film “Climber. The Last of the Seventh Cradle” as translator Alena Ovchinnikova.

Education and Career

In 2007 Anastasia Panina graduated from the Moscow Art Theater, presenting Nastya and Jenny as the final qualifying work. This became a ticket to the troupe of the famous Pushkin Theater.

A lot of proposals from different directors – experienced and just picking up their acting base – enabled the girl to reach a new level.

Anastasia Panina has that rare quality that is so appreciated in the acting environment – to get used to almost any role. Today, this is the clever and perceptive Nadezhda Ryazantseva in the detective “Hope as a testament to life,” tomorrow – a romantic and slightly frivolous Eva Povagina in the melodrama “Why did you leave”.

Naturally, everyone saw her as a strict teacher and a real vulnerable woman in the youth television series “Fizruk”.

Personal life

In her personal life, the actress is the happy mother of four-year-old Alexandra and the beloved wife of actor Vladimir Zherebtsov.

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Biography of Anastasia Panina