Biography of Irina Rozanova

Irina Rozanova is an actress of theater and cinema, Honored and People’s Artist of Russia.

Irina was born on July 22, 1961 in Penza in an actor’s family. Her mother and father were actors. After eight classes of general education in the biography of Rozanova, the entrance to a music school took place. Irina perfected her piano playing there. But I did not dare devote my whole life to music.

Even in her childhood, Irina Rozanova in her biography showed a tendency to the theater and acting. Her first theatrical experience was obtained at the age of six. Then the girl, without applying for help to her parents, learned the role from the production of “Jenny Gerhard”, and came with a proposal to speak on stage to the director. And after growing up, she went to Moscow. The first attempt to enter the theater institute failed, and the second time Irina was more fortunate. Rozanov’s higher education in biography was awarded at the State Institute of

Theatrical Art. There Irina studied on the course of Oscar Remiz.

After graduating, Rozanova began to work in the Mayakovsky Theater, then she was invited by the director Sergei Zhenovach to the theater-studio “The Man”. Together with him began to play in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Irina worked there from 1991 to 1998.

The first role in the movie in the biography of Irina Rozanova is in 1985. The debut for the actress was the movie “My friend”. In 1991 she played the role of Valentina in the film “Cloud-paradise”. The main female role Irina has successfully played in the film “Anchor, still an anchor”, for which she won the festival prize “Constellation 92” and the prize “Golden Aries”. In 1993, Irina Rozanova was named best actress of the year, and in 1995 she received the title of Honored Artist of Russia. Among other well-known films of the 1990s with the participation of Rozanova: “Children of Monday”, “Petersburg Secrets”, “Voroshilovsky Shooter”. Rozanov is also removed in the series: “Salome”, “Kamenskaya”, “Russian Amazons”, “Lines of Fate”, “Gentlemen Officers”, “Mistress”. After a year of work in Lenkom, Irina began to play in the Moscow City Council Theater. And in 2007 she received the title of People’s Artist of Russia.

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Biography of Irina Rozanova