Biography of Andrei Bely

Biography of Andrei Bely

Andrei Bely is a Russian writer, poet, critic.

Boris was born October 14, 1880 in Moscow in the family of the famous scientist, mathematician and philosopher Nikolai Bugaev. The first years of his biography, Andrei Bely lived on the Arbat. Educated at the Polivanov High School. There, in his last years I took up Buddhism, literature, occultism. Then he entered the Moscow University in physics and mathematics, where he studied science, but did not leave literature.

In 1902 in the biography of Andrei Bely and his friends the literary circle “Argonauts” was organized. And after 4 years the members of the circle published two collections “Free conscience”.

The next period of the biography of Andrei Bely is connected with A. Blok. Block was a close

friend of Andrei Bely. After some time of frequent visits to the house to Blok, White fell in love with his wife, and she also reciprocated. This situation is shown in the play “Blanker”. When Lyubov Mendeleeva, Blok’s wife, decided to part with Andrei Bely, he went abroad in a depressed mood.

Two years later, White returned to Russia. And then he married Asa Turgeneva. He traveled a lot until one day he met Rudolf Steiner, became his disciple. In 1916 Andrei Bely returned to Russia, but one, without his wife. After the end of the October Revolution, he wrote several books and articles.

In 1917 in the biography of Belyi there was a final break with his wife Asya. In this regard, the writer was seriously worried, and in various of his works, the image of his beloved was constantly slipping. The last wife of the writer was Klavdiya Nikolaevna – timid, obedient, but faithful and helping woman. With her the last years of the biography of Andrei Bely have passed.

Throughout his life, the writer published many collections of poems, such as “Gold in Azure,” “Ashes,” “Urn,” and “Star.” Also among the significant works of Andrei Bely – the novel “Petersburg”, the poem “On the Pass”, the cycle “Christ is Risen”, the Moscow diology, and a lot of memoirs.

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Biography of Andrei Bely