Biography of Irina Bezrukova

Irina Bezrukova is a Russian actress.

Irina was born on April 11, 1965 in Volgodonsk. In the childhood years of her biography Irina Bezrukova was extremely shy. But then, after sorting herself out, I decided to enter the theater department of the Palace of Pioneers. Despite the fact that she was not accepted, she did not change her mind about acting, she entered the Rostov School of Arts, which she graduated in 1986.

The first role in the movie in the biography of Irina Bezrukova was played back in the student years. Also during her studies she began to play at the Gorky Theater in Rostov-on-Don. Then, passionately falling in love with Igor Livanov, married him, gave birth to Andrei’s son.

From 1988 to 1989 in the biography of Irina Livanov worked in the Tula Drama Theater. Then the actress began to play in the Moscow theater.

Although she first appeared in the cinema for a long time, Irina only began to appear in films from 1991 onwards. Some of the most famous films Bezrukova – “Richard the Lionheart”, “Chinese service”, “Knight Kenneth”, “Delusion”, “Countess de Monsoro.”

In 1998 I met Sergey Bezrukov. Despite the great popularity of the actor, Irina was not aware of his role, nor Sergei himself. It was dear to Bezrukov, because he loved not his television image, but a living person. In 2000, the couple got married. In the biography of his wife Bezrukov an important part of life is made up of family, home, comfort. With the former husband Livanov continues to communicate, he pays a lot of time to their son Andrei. Irina and Sergey Bezrukov often star in films together – it all started with “Unknown Weapon or Crusader-2”. Then the shooting of the films “Chinese service”, “Love. Ru”, “Office”, “Plot” became common.

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Biography of Irina Bezrukova