Biography of Andrei Tarkovsky

Biography of Andrei Tarkovsky

Andrei Arsenievich Tarkovsky is a film director and screenwriter.

Andrei was born on April 4 in a small village in the Ivanovo region. His father was the famous poet Arseniy Tarkovsky. Childhood in the biography of Andrei Tarkovsky was held in the town of Yuryevets. Then the family moved to Moscow, where Andrei started school. And with the beginning of the war with his mother returned to his native village, his father went to the front. In 1943 the family again returned to Moscow. In his childhood, apart from the general education school, Tarkovsky also attended a music and art school.

Higher education in his biography Tarkovsky began to receive in 1951 at the Institute of Oriental Studies. But soon realized that he was not too keen on the profession he had chosen. In 1953,

with the assistance of his mother, he went to work as a collector in the taiga on an expedition from the Institute of Nigrizoloto. It was during a year of hard work in Siberia that he realized his desire to become a director, so after returning in 1954 he entered the VGIK. Two years later, the students of the faculty had an opportunity to get acquainted with the films of the most famous foreign cinema, than Andrei Tarkovsky and Andrei Konchalovsky successfully used.

Tarkovsky’s first work as a director was the film “The Murderers” in 1956. Together with Konchalovsky were written scripts for the films “Antarctica – a distant country”, “The skating rink and the violin.” In 1962, in the biography of Andrei Tarkovsky, a prestigious award was received at the Venice Festival for the film “Ivan’s Childhood.” The following films by Tarkovsky: “Andrei Rublev”, “Mirror”, “Solaris”.

Then, together with the Strugatsky brothers, Tarkovsky writes the script “Stalker.” He works on the films “Nostalgia”, “Time of travel”, “Sacrifice”. All this time travels a lot around Europe. In 1985, doctors gave Tarkovsky a terrible diagnosis – cancer. After the course of treatment, Tarkovsky’s condition did not improve, he died on December 29, 1986.

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Biography of Andrei Tarkovsky