Biography of DJ Smesh

DJ Smash is a DJ, composer, producer.

Acquaintance with music in the biography of DJ Smash began with a visit to the music school, where Andrei studied piano. In 1996, the usual hobby for electronic music developed into fruitful work. So in a year the first album of DJ Smash was released.

After the release of the second album in 1999, the tracks of the DJ Smash began to be widely known in his native city, and the first, though small, popularity came to Andrei himself. Further creative stage in the DJ’s biography Smesh is associated with the creation of remixes for Russian songs. Such compositions were a novelty for nightclubs of those times, as the Russian format was not widely used.

For such an innovation DJ Smash received the title of the best DJ and the Night Life Awards. Remixes on the famous Russian songs were so successful that they soon became famous even outside of their homeland.

Soon after performances in the best clubs in Moscow, in the biography of DJ Smash the period of performances in foreign clubs began. In 2008, fame, DJ’s fame, Smash grew even more after writing songs “Moscow Never Sleeps”, “My Moscow”. In 2008, DJ Smash took 15th place among a hundred DJs in Russia.

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Biography of DJ Smesh