Biography of Tatyana Doronina

Tatiana Doronina – People’s Artist of the USSR, actress of theater and cinema, head of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky.

Tatyana was born in Leningrad on September 12, 1933. After the war began, she moved with her family to the city of Danilov, Yaroslavl Region. It was there that childhood passed in the biography of Tatiana Doronina. Here Tatyana went to school. Then the family returned to Leningrad, where the girl continued her education. Even at school she was carried away by the theater. So she wanted to play on stage, that in the eighth grade she secretly left her relatives to take exams to the Moscow school-studio of the Moscow Art Theater. Surprisingly, even then she passed the competition, but was not accepted because of the young age.

After graduating from school, again firmly decided to go to the theater. And in order not to lose, passed exams at once to all educational institutions: the Moscow Art Theater, Shchepkinsky and Shchukin schools, GITIS. Also

has passed at once everywhere! But, as before, she chose the studio of the Moscow Art Theater. Since that time in the biography of Doronina began training in the course of Pavel Massalsky – one of the strongest teachers. The first role in the movie Tatiana played in 1955.

In the same year of 1955, Tatyana first married – for the actor Oleg Basilashvili. After graduation Doronina went after her husband to Stalingrad, where they played in a dramatic theater. But the prospects were not bright, so the pair returned to Leningrad. There they began to work in Lenkom, and soon – in the Bolshoi Drama Theater. Tatyana was invited there, and she managed to persuade the director to take her husband. Amazingly playing in the play “Barbarians”, Doronin became a very popular actress, beloved from the viewer.

Having lived 8 years with her husband, Tatyana suggested that Basilashvili divorce. The second husband in the biography of Doronina was critic Anatoly Yufit. He was a professor, the head of the department at the Theater Institute of Leningrad. Tatyana lived with him for three years.


already a well-known actress of the theater, Doronina again began to act in films. She perfectly played many roles. For example, in the films: “Elder Sister”, “Three Poplars on Plyushchikha”. Thanks to full dedication and inexhaustible talent in the biography of Doronina already then twice was given the title of best actress.

In 1966, fate linked love Tatiana and Edvard Radzinsky. Together with Doronin, he moved to Moscow in the same year. There, the actress began to play on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Then on the samples for the film “Once more about love,” where Doronina played the main role, she met her fourth husband – Boris Khimichev.

In 1977, Tatyana Doronina’s biography changed again. She left the Moscow Art Theater, began to play at the Mayakovsky Theater. There, in one of the productions, the actress again met Boris Khimichev. After several years of family life, Doronina, after another general performance, told Khimichev that she was getting married. Robert Tochnenko became the new husband of the star. In relations with the fifth husband Tatyana still dominated.

In 1983, Doronina returned to the Moscow Art Theater. After the conflict situation in 1987, Doronina still works as the head of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky. In addition to the artistic management is engaged in directing, and also continues to play.

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Biography of Tatyana Doronina