Summary “The Magic Ring” by Platonov

In 1950 saw the collection “The Magic Ring”, which, in addition to the same name, included several Russian folk tales in the author’s processing. It was not the first such book in Platonov’s, he used to write for children.

However, the fairy tale “The Magic Ring” (a brief summary will be presented below) received the greatest fame and quickly won the hearts of readers, keeping its popularity to this day. Moreover, more recently, the work has become part of the primary school curriculum.

Now let’s take a closer look at the content of the work.

AP Platonov, “The Magic Ring”: a summary

Once upon a time the tsar had a peasant mother and her son Semyon. There was no remedy in the house: poor clothes made of flax, and bread was not always there. The only family income – a penny for his deceased father, which Semen was issued in the city once a month.

So one day Semyon returns from the city with

a received penny. And he sees on the road a man who is going to kill a puppy. I could not stand the guy, I regretted buying the animal for a single penny.

The mother was not happy with the purchase: there was no cow in the house, and he brought the dog. But Semyon did not lose heart and answered that he would benefit from the puppy.

A month has passed, Semyon went to the city again and this time got two copecks – they added a pension. Returns back, again sees the same man who this time tortures the cat. I had to redeem it, giving both kopecks. His mother became angry even more, swearing at her unfortunate son.


How does the fairy tale “The Magic Ring” develop further? The summary will soon tell about the fateful meeting in the life of Semyon.

So, another month passed, our hero went to the city and this time he got three kopecks – again they added a pension. He goes along the same road and sees the same peasant who this time takes out the snake. It was necessary and this time to give all the money.

However, the snake turned out to be a speaker and,

comforting Semyon, said that her name was Scarapa, and for the salvation of her daughter, the snake king would reward the boy.

Seeing the snake, the mother was frightened and immediately climbed on the stove. She did not even argue anymore. Only she disliked this snake: that is, does not give, then water does not pour, it will come. Then Scarapea asked to take her to the serpent kingdom, where her father lives – the snake king. And in advance she warned that Semyon would not take gold as a reward, but asked for the ring from the king’s hand. The ring is noticeable – on it a snake’s head is squeezed out and instead of eyes green stones burn.

The King initially did not want to part with the ring, but then gave it away and said how to use it.

Home with a gift

Apparently, a lot of folk folklore borrowed for his fairy tale Plato. “The Magic Ring”, the summary of which is presented here, has all the signs of a magical folk tale: magical assistants, whom the protagonist has saved, the miraculous acquisition of wealth, the repetition of the same action thrice.

We return to the narrative. Semyon returned home and the same night he used the ring. It was necessary to remove and again put on a magical thing, as before it arose twelve fellows. The guy ordered them to bring flour, sugar and butter to the barn during the night. Wakes up in the morning, let’s wake up the mother, ask to bake pies. She replies that the storerooms are empty. Semyon sends his mother to the barn, where she finds everything she needs, to her surprise. Since then, they began a different life, in abundance and satiety.

The Tsar’s daughter

But this does not end the work that wrote Platonov (“The Magic Ring”). A brief summary tells us that Semyon took it into his head to marry the Tsar’s daughter. I sent my mother to a soviet, and I told the young men to build mansions for him.

The king did not want to give his daughter for a mere peasant, but Semyon’s mother insisted. Then he replied that he would give the princess back to him who would build a crystal bridge.

Overnight the fellows performed the royal task, and they even made a car, which itself travels along the bridge.

It was necessary for the tsar to give his daughter for Semyon. At first, family life went well. But one day the newlyweds went for a walk, wandered into the forest and slept there. Passed by Aspid, brother of Scarape, who himself wanted to get the magic ring. Then the serpent decided to turn the girl and take Semyon away from his wife along with the ring. But it did not work, the guy drove him away.


We continue to describe the events of the fairy tale “The Magic Ring”. The summary now describes the temptation of the queen. The aspid now turns around the young man and goes to Semyon’s wife. The girl could not resist the charm, and the snake asked her to find out how the magic ring works.

Unaware of the dirty trick, Semyon told his wife everything and even gave her a magic thing for a while. However, the princess, as soon as she received the ring, ordered to transfer to Aspid and the mansions, and the bridge.

In the morning Semyon and his mother woke up – and nothing more they have, just an old cottage, and a cat with a dog. Learning about this, the king ordered the guy to leave in prison. Mother desperate to go scam.

Then the cat and dog understood that Seeds should be rescued, and went to get the ring. They found the way to Aspid, at night they climbed into the house and got the treasured thing.


The fairy tale comes to an end, which was written by Andrei Platonov. The magic ring (a brief description has already described this) turned out to be in the dog and the cat, who rushed from all the paws back home.

The cat keeps ring under the tongue all the way. Friends came to the river, behind which there was Semyon’s house. To cross the water, the dog had to put a cat on his back. A dog floats in the water and reminds the cat that she is silent. The cat could not resist and answered. The ring immediately fell into the river.

They turned up on the shore and let’s argue who is to blame for everything. Here in the distance the fishermen cleaned their catch and threw the giblets to the animals. The cat and the dog began to eat them, and suddenly they found something solid – a ring!

The cat got into the prison to the owner and gave the ring. Semyon immediately freed himself, returned the mansions and the bridge, and gave the imperial daughter back.

After this incident, the guy decided to marry a simple, rustic girl.


So I finished my fairy tale Plato (short content). “Magic Ring” (reviews of the fairy tale and today remain positive) enjoys incredible popularity among parents and children. The fairy tale has also entered the compulsory children’s reading for a long time. As for the time of publication, even then the criticism took the work very complacently.

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Summary “The Magic Ring” by Platonov