Composition on the theme of weather

Spring comes and drives away the winter. With the advent of March, the sun’s rays begin to break through the clouds more and more often. Here and there you can also see the ice, which slyly hides under the snow. Cool air reminds that winter stubbornly does not want to leave. On the roofs of the houses is white snow. Huge huge icicles, which are about to fall to the ground, scattered into small pieces. A cool wind swaying bare branches of trees, which in places are covered with white frost. Some time in the street there is a slight frost, preventing snow from melting to the end. But this does not last long.

Soon the frost recedes, the air becomes warmer, spring. The snow decisively begins to melt, mixing with mud and turning into slush. Icicles are rapidly melting, falling and breaking to the ground. On a bare and damp earth, a young grass grows, snowdrops appear that stretch towards the sun. On the branches of trees appear green leaves, buds are blossoming.

It takes

quite a bit of time and does not recognize nature around. Trees that were completely naked now bloom and smell. The land, which was snow-covered, is now covered with dense young grass. And after a rain ozone, mixed with the aroma of flowers and grass, produces an incredible flavor. With the advent of spring, nature is no longer filled with gloomy, gray and cold colors, but bright, green and filled with life. But the weather is still changeable throughout the spring. It’s warm like summer, then it’s cloudy and cool like autumn.

May came! The air is warm, spring. Even in spite of the rising wind and falling rain, there is no longer the same coolness. Even the gloomy sky will not eclipse all the colors of greenery and flowers. And the wind only carries a pleasant aroma of this beauty. The rainbow, which appeared after a warm rain, complements the colorful and beautiful flowers on the trees, against the background of a clear blue sky. Only a white air cloud slowly floats across the sky. And in the shower so warm.

Spring is wonderful, because around it becomes not only warm, but also beautiful. Despite

the fact that in March it is not as warm as in May, the air is much warmer than in winter. The rays of the sun do not yet warm, but still please their appearance. Every day it gets warmer, and the sky becomes more and more clear. Sometimes it can rain, break the gusty wind, but it does not prevent trees and bare ground from becoming green. In May, it’s already warm. You can even sunbathe in the sun. The spring weather is beautiful. Winter cold retreated, and the summer heat had not yet come.

Probably there is no person in our world who has not heard about Shakespeare. This playwright of the Renaissance and now stirs the mind and hearts of people.

The Olympic Games for me are competitions of the best sportsmen in the whole world, every time I watch them on TV. The Olympic Games began to be held many centuries ago in ancient Greece.

From the earliest childhood, each of us is taught that nature must be protected and treated with care.

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Composition on the theme of weather