Biography of Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Aleksandrovna Kozhevnikova is a Russian actress, a singer.

Maria was born in Moscow in 1984. As a child, the biography of Maria Kozhevnikova was filled with hobbies. A girl paid much attention to sports – rhythmic gymnastics. But when she grew up, she devoted herself to other creativity.

Since 2002, Maria sang in the group “Love Stories”. Deciding again to change her career, Maria entered GITIS. Since then, in the biography of Kozhevnikova, cinematography has taken an important place. At first, Maria played only small, episodic roles. For example, she starred in the series “Rublevka Live” in 2005. This was followed by roles in other TV series – “Wolf,” “Hello, I’m your daddy!”.

For Maria Kozhevnikova, the biography from 2005 to 2009 is full of works in the serial genre. For the ribbons “The Gift of God”, “Policemen” followed the work in the series “Heartbreakers”. But all these roles did not bring great fame and success. Popularity came to the actress after filming Univer. There Maria played one of the main characters – Allochka. The TV series “Univer”, released on the channel TNT, was a great success, made the actress recognizable and opened new perspectives for her. After him, the girl starred in the films “To the West from the Sun”, “Unforgiven”, the series “Kremlin cadets”.

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Biography of Maria Kozhevnikova