Biography of Ksenia Rappoport

Ksenia Rappoport is an actress of theater and cinema.

Xenia was born in Leningrad on March 25, 1974. Mother and father of Xenia Rappaport were far from the scene. My father worked as an architect, and my mother as an engineer. So Xenia does not have any actor roots. As a child, the girl had very diverse hobbies. She practiced sports, was interested in music and painting.

For the first time in her biography Ksenia Rappoport played in the film when she was 15 years old. The debut for her was the picture “Go!”, Directed by Dmitry Astrakhanov. After filming, the girl decided to become an actress, although she was not completely sure until her admission to the institute. But when the study at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts began, Ksenia devoted herself entirely to acting. She studied with the famous teacher Veniamin Filshtinsky. Even while studying at the institute in the biography of the actress Ksenia Rappaport, several plays were played in the

Maly Drama Theater. She also starred in the films “Streets of Broken Lights”, “Calendula Flowers”, “National Security Agent” and others.

After graduating from school, she began to play in the Maly Drama Theater. After several minor roles in the films, Xenia starred in the tapes “Rider named Death,” “Casarosa”, the series “Yesenin.” But the real breakthrough in the biography of Xenia Rappoport was the movie “Stranger” by the famous Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore. At the casting, Xenia said she knows the Italian language, although it was not true. And in Rome, the actress flew out without even reading the script, because she was sure that such a director simply can not film a bad film.

To say that in her biography Xenia Rappoport on the photo looks attractive – a little. The actress is beautiful both externally and internally. Her heroine Irina in the movie “Stranger” – a complex, ambiguous nature, which had a difficult fate. The girl managed to perfectly convey the tragedy of the situation. Arrived

at the premiere of the film in Rome in the biography of Xenia Rappoport and parents. The picture was highly appreciated by critics, and Xenia received the most prestigious Italian film award – “David di Donatello”.

Since then Xenia has played in the series “Liquidation”, having received the role of “Golden Eagle”. She also starred in the films “Jury Day”, in Italian tapes “The Man Who Loves”, “The Italians”. In 2009, another masterpiece Tornatore “Double Hour” was released, for the role in which Xenia was awarded the Venice Film Festival prize.

Is there at the moment an official husband in the biography of Xenia Rappaport – the general public is not known. The actress does not like to talk about her personal life. But it is clear that the children in the biography of Xenia Rappaport play an important role. The actress brings up daughter Dasha.

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Biography of Ksenia Rappoport