Biography of Dmitry Dyuzhev

Dmitry Petrovich Dyuzhev is an actor.

Dmitry was born on July 9, 1978 in Astrakhan in a creative family, his father was an actor. In his childhood in his biography Dmitry Dyuzhev did not differ in exemplary behavior. Growing up, became more serious about learning. At first I wanted to associate my career with the sea, to study at the Naval School. But then I changed my mind, not without the instructions of my father.

In 1995, in the biography of Djuzhev, the entrance to the State Institute of Theatrical Art took place. There he studied the course of Mark Zakharov. After graduating from GITIS in 1999, he began to play in the theater, and also starred in episodic roles in the cinema. At first acting career in the movie at Dmitry did not go well. But one day he was offered to come to the casting of the film “Brigade”. The director immediately approved it for one of the roles, and later it was decided that Dmitry would play the role of “Cosmos”. From

a moral point of view, it was hard for Dyuzhev to play a bandit, since Dmitri himself was highly moral. But he managed very successfully to convey the mood of his hero, to connect brutality with humor. The role of “Cosmos” brought Dmitry Diuzhev in the biography a great success. After the “Brigade”, invitations to appear in films were showered.

After the “Brigade” for Dmitry came a very difficult life stage. His sister died of cancer, later the father ended his life by suicide. Then Dmitry seriously thought to spend his life in the monastery. At that moment, Dmitry made an unusual proposal – to star in the role of Father Job in the film “The Island”. According to the script, Dmitry spent his time in the monastery, prayed a lot, which was close to his state of mind. So gradually the actor returned to his career.

Then in the biography of Dyuzhev there were films with his participation: “Traveling with pets”, “Drawing”, “New Year’s tariff”, “Svo-Stranger”, “The reverse side” and others. Dmitry

starred in the movie “High Security Vacation”, where he again played along with Sergei Bezrukov. In his spare time Dmitry is engaged in swimming, hand-to-hand fighting.

In addition to acting success in the press, Dmitri’s personal life is often covered. He is credited with many novels: with Natalia Shvets, Julia Menshova. In 2008, the actor got married. Dyuzhev’s wife – Tatiana Zaitseva, in the future plans to become a TV presenter. A married couple is raising a son.

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Biography of Dmitry Dyuzhev