Biography of Garik Kharlamov

Garik Kharlamov – humorist, actor, producer.

Garik was born in Moscow on February 29, 1980. In total, the actor has three names. Andrei was named at the birth, Igor – three months after being taken from the hospital. Now almost everyone calls him Garik – the name came to life from school.

Back in the school years, Kharlamov’s biography showed a cheerful character and a propensity for improvised humor. From the school of the future actor was expelled several times. His parents divorced, and later he moved to live with his father in the United States. There, at the age of 16, he began to study theater arts at the famous Harendt school. Igor was close to American humor, but after returning to Russia, he went to study at the State University of Management. Such a turn of events in the biography of Garik Kharlamov was greatly influenced by his mother, who cared about the future prosperity and considered the profession of the theater actor unpromising.

But even here Garik found the use of his sense of humor – he began to participate in the KVN. At first he played in the team “Jokes aside”, then – in the teams “Sobornaya Mokkva”, “Heavy Youth”.

He began to work on the channel Muz-TV, where the nickname “Bulldog” was born. Later – led the show “Office” on TNT. A huge step to success in the biography of Garik “Bulldog” Kharlamov was joining the project “Comedy Club”. The actor was close to stand-up humor, and in witty miniatures on different subjects he was able to manifest in all its glory. Full freedom on the stage, the opportunity to improvise in the biography of Bulldog Kharlamov led to an incredible increase in popularity.

He made his debut in the movie in 1990. Since 2003, the actor showered a large number of proposals to star in episodic roles. In 2007, in the biography of Garik Kharlamov, a role was played in the musical comedy “Shakespeare never dreamed”.

In the film “The Best Film” Kharlamov was not only an actor, but also one of the producers. The film received conflicting reviews. And a year later, “The best film 2”.

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Biography of Garik Kharlamov