Biography of Vitas

Vitas is a singer, composer, actor.

Vitaly was born on February, 19th, 1980 in Daugavpils in Latvia. The first musical education in the biography of Vitas was received at the music school, where he studied in accordion class. Actor’s talent appeared during performances in the theater of parody. It was in the building of the theater in Odessa that Vitaly met Sergey Pudovkin, who soon began to produce the singer.

Solo musical career in the biography of singer Vitas began in 2000. Then the first Vitas hit “Opera” # 2 was released in December 2000. The single became popular, and the singer with a very high voice quickly became interesting to listeners. The first Vitas album “The Philosophy of Miracle” was released in 2000. It was followed by the album “Smile” in 2002. Then came the albums “Mama”, “The long kiss into eternity”, “Return home”, “Cricket by the crane.” In 2008, two albums were released – “Hits of the 20th Century”, “The Light of a New Day”.

Now the singer is performing all over the world, especially his music is popular in China. Also in the biography of Vitas, an outstanding actor’s talent appeared. He played in the theater before the beginning of his musical career. And in 2003, Vitas played the main role in the production of “Victor or the children in power.” Vitas also writes songs.

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Biography of Vitas