Biography of Vladislav Galkin

Vladislav Borisovich Galkin is an actor, Honored Artist of Russia.

Vyacheslav was born in Leningrad on December 25, 1971 in an acting family. His father was a famous director, actor Boris Galkin. But his parents did not want Vladislav Galkin’s biography to be chosen as an actor’s way.

Since childhood, the boy has been mischievous, naughty. Parents listened to little, it seemed, made the trick of the trick. But at the same time he was responsible to his family. Vladislav played his first role in 9 years. To shoot him secretly about the parents, my grandmother spent. In this film Galkin did not even have to play especially. It was his image – a bully, but very serious. For the actor Vladislav Galkin, the biography of those times was filled with fun. First, you could not go to school. And secondly, to live an ordinary life for him.

The next work, already more serious, was the film “This Scoundrel Sidorov.” In it, Galkin starred at age

11. In the same year he played in “Cargo without labeling,” two years later the film “The Golden Chain” was released. The acting career was gaining momentum.

Theatrical education in the biography of Vladislav Borisovich Galkin was received at the Shchukin School. He also graduated from VGIK, where he studied at the directing department. Even before his arrival, he left his family, because he believed that everyone needed more free space.

The first wife in the biography of Vladislav Galkin was Svetlana Fomicheva. With her actor signed in 1991, but lived only a year. True love was associated with his alliance with Daria Mikhailova. Before his marriage in 1998, Vladislav was married three times, but the actor himself does not attach importance to this. Children in the biography of Vladislav Galkin still do not.

Becoming an accomplished actor, Galkin began to play in more serious films. First he starred in the tape “In August of the 44th”. The real popularity came to the actor in 2001 after the release of “Truckers”. In the series, Galkin played along with

Vladimir Gostyukhin. In one of the series he played along with his wife Daria, and once on the set of the next plot of the “Truckers”, the motorcycle swept the leg of the actor and broke it. But the wounds soon heal, and the glory remained with Galkin for a long time.

The next notable work in the biography of actor Galkin was the series “Spetsnaz”. In general, Vladislav starred in many TV series: “Heaven and Earth”, “Adventures of the Magician”, “Site”, “The Death of the Empire”, “Saboteur, End of the War”, “Master and Margarita”, “I’m flying” .. In 2009, I received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.


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Biography of Vladislav Galkin