Biography of Denis Rozhkov

Denis Rozhkov is an actor of theater and cinema.

According to Denis Rozhkov, his biography does not stand out against the background of his contemporaries-actors. He was born on July 3, 1976 in Moscow. In 1993 he graduated from the school. After an unsuccessful attempt to enter GITIS, he studied for a year at the preparatory courses at the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio. The young man himself noticed the master, and Rozhkov became a full listener of the studio. It was under the guidance of the renowned master that the creative biography of Denis Rozhkov began.

After graduating from the School-Studio, the young actor cooperates with various non-commercial theatrical projects, then goes to work in the Russian Realistic Theater. Here Rozhkov was remembered by the audience for Lensky’s roles in Eugene Onegin and Alyosha in The Brothers Karamazov. However, Denis did not feel full satisfaction from the work – neither in creative, nor in material terms. There were

not enough roles, because of the meager payment, we constantly had to look for additional earnings. These were typical for the actors “Dedmorozovskie” matinees and corporate parties. In addition, Denis worked on television as a correspondent, at one time he was seriously involved in video editing – he even wanted to make it his main profession.

All this time, the actor dreams of serious work in the cinema. However, the directors, noting his outstanding appearance, did not hurry with the proposals. Debut was the role of digger in the series “The Blind.” But it was only two small episodes. Then, in 2003 – the same episodic role of the bandit named Limon in the series “Next”. According to Denis, after ten years of actual downtime, he already began to think about quitting his acting career. It seemed that the biography of Denis Rozhkov as an actor is nearing completion…

And suddenly what happened to every actor dreams is to wake up in one morning famous. In the biography of Denis Rozhkov there was a sharp turn. It all started with the fact that he was invited

to a small role as a tattoo artist in the series “Silent Witness”. Rozhkov interested in the director Guzel Kireeva and offered to try in “Glukhare.” The role of the inspector DPS Antoshin was for a young actor, as they say, a starry hour.

To date, the popularity of the series “The Capercaillie” is growing. There are numerous forums on the Internet, there is already a fan club of fans of the series and Denis Rozhkov. New series are filmed, work is underway on the full-length version of the series. So Denis has enough work, which, he says, helps him to cope with the inevitable manifestations of stellar illness. In addition, the actor serves in the Old Theater, where he is engaged in several performances, such as “In the Mountains of My Heart”, “Tea Ceremony”. In general, according to Denis Rozhkov, his biography as an actor was a success.

Despite the fact that the actor should, in Denis’s opinion, give himself all his creativity, he considers his family to be the main thing for himself. His wife – Irina – works as a makeup artist in the theater, where they met. Spouses raise their son Ivan, who was recently ten years old.

According to Denis Rozhkov, his dream is a role in which he could get used to the images of people from different eras, with different characters and problems. After all, this is the main purpose and content of the actor’s biography.

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Biography of Denis Rozhkov