“A memorable day at school” composition

One of the most memorable things in my life was the day when I first went to school. I really wanted to get there, because some of my friends had already become schoolchildren, and I followed them. I have long fantasized how I will sit at the desk, listen to the teacher, learn to read and write.

But when that day finally came, I was frightened. Mom woke me up in the morning and said that it’s time to go to school, I’m waiting for a new form and a bouquet of flowers for the teacher. I told her that I did not want to go, and I’d rather stay at home. Mom was very surprised, because she knew how I wanted to go to first grade. She had to persuade me and explain that this is okay, and I will have many new friends at school.

When I approached the school, there were already a lot of people, they were all fussing and making noise. Then we were built in the school yard on the line. I was put in a couple with a girl Tanya (we are still friends with her). The line was very solemn, the director congratulated everyone with the beginning of the new school year, the older guys performed songs dedicated to the school pore. At the end, the eleventh-grader passed through the yard, on whose shoulder sat a girl and rang the bell. This was my first call.

After the end of the solemn part we were taken to the classroom. It turned out that he is on the second floor. Our classroom was large and bright, on the windowsill in the pots were flowers, and on the walls hung different tables and a map of the world. The teacher, Maria Anatolyevna, seated us at the desks and began to conduct the first lesson. She talked about our school, about what we will study during the first academic year. And then she invited everyone to introduce themselves and tell about themselves in two or three sentences. After the lesson, we were given books and sent home.

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“A memorable day at school” composition