My first class composition

Today is September 1 and I had my first day at school. I woke up earlier than usual. Mom woke up with the words: “Get up, it’s time for school.” I quickly woke up. By this day we have been preparing for a long time. Bought notebooks, pens, pencils, eraser and ruler. All this was put in a backpack. He’s green with the picture of a big car.

Today was sunny weather. There was no rain. I put on my school uniform. It was a little uncommon, because the pants do not stretch and they hold down a little movement. But I quickly got used to the form. Yesterday we bought a bouquet of flowers. He is not very big, but beautiful. We presented it to the teacher, who will become my class teacher.

My mother and I left the house and went to school. In addition to us, a lot of children of different ages went to school dressed in parade. Everyone had white shirts and blouses. And almost all flowers.

The school is not far from our house. I was often at the site

of this school, but on this day I go as a student, with a briefcase.

Mom said that I will study in 1 b grade. And at the entrance to the school hung a list with classrooms and classrooms. There we found out that we would study in 103 rooms on the first floor. Having passed into the office, we saw my teacher Tamara Alexandrovna.

She was tall, with blond hair. By age she is like my mother. She was wearing a gray suit.

We have a great class. On the walls there are posters with letters. I learned them in the kindergarten. Now once again we will teach.

How many people in the class I did not have time to count. But there are many girls. The desks are green. My neighbor’s name is Vadim. He lives farther than me from school. He also came with his mother.

I have a three-story school. I have not yet seen the dining room and gym. We were told that we will need accessories.

Then we were led to a ruler. In the school yard all the classes were built and the director told about the school.

The first time at school everything seemed unusual and unusual. Then we went home with my mother. The first day in school I will remember for a long time.

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My first class composition