My favorite school room

I really love our biology class, which is not like other classrooms at school. Many people like to play in it, because it’s very interesting there.

There is an office on the fourth floor. In front of him is like a small fairy forest. On the trees are birds, squirrels. The wolf, bared his teeth, looks directly into your eyes. You will not be accustomed to the fact that this scarecrow is such a terrible one.

I go further and find myself in the office. The rows stand, as in other offices, tables, chairs, on the wall – a large brown board. But how unusual and nice to see next to them a lot of flowers, plants and aquariums with fish! Flowers are everywhere: on windowsills, on shelves, on the floor, on cabinets. Aquariums seem to be underwater locks, around which the algae quietly swish.

The office is beautifully decorated. On the walls hang portraits of scientists, under the glass lie the herbariums, made by the hands of children, many tables.

There is also a laboratory in our office. It stores mock-ups, microscopes, visual aids. It’s not very spacious, but clean and cozy. At the table you can see magazines, newspapers. It is very interesting to see more closely the alcohol-bound animals, touch stuffed birds, consider collections, herbariums, talk about this with a biology teacher. She is so fascinating with her lessons in her office! You do not want to leave it, you have a desire to learn better and learn more about animals, birds, insects and plants.

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My favorite school room