Composition “My Attitude Toward School”

The school is the second house, as people say. The first teacher is my second mother. A class teacher from the fifth to the eleventh grade is a mentor, like an aunt, with whom I always take an example. The director is a grandfather, moderately strict, but in the soul very kind.

These simple truths are not immediately understood. In the sixth, seventh, eighth grade you think that you are the smartest and that these people do not understand anything in life and only prevent you from living. But in the ninth grade, when exams on the nose – to teach a lot, you understand that after all you were wrong and it was not for nothing that these people tried to teach you to discipline.

I now like to go to school, because I’m in the tenth grade. This is the year when the exams in the ninth grade were last year, and the EGE only in the next. Though all the same it is necessary to prepare, after all from my EGE the whole my life depends – university, and further and

work. But it will be later, now while you can relax a little.

I go to school with pleasure – there are my friends here. I will not say that we are sitting and doing. No, we often chat in class, planning future holidays and walks. Teachers scold us, but so for a tick. They understand that we are, as it were, adults, but a few children who want to play pranks. Of course, if the topic is serious, but we do not know anything – then the teacher treats this strictly. But if this is a topic that everyone understands, then the teacher makes indulgences.

I’m very sorry that you need to go to school in a uniform, which is extremely inconvenient. After all, it does not reveal the personality and individuality of each, on the contrary it makes a lot of schoolchildren.

I want everyone who studies and works at school to have a more creative approach – because how many computer technologies have appeared, and many do not know how to use them at the proper level. I would very much like the school to develop as a technical aspect, but also in the soul.

Unfortunately, it often seems that

teachers do not care about you – probably it’s all because of the small salary. When I found out how much they receive, I regretted them, because this money is not worth the nerves and health.

School – for me was, is and will be the second home. I often complain about her, but that does not mean that I do not like her. I think that when I have children, I will bring them to my school. And my first teacher will grab her head and say: “Oh, I remember you.” There were many adventures with you. Give valokordin immediately. ” And I’ll tell her: “Here you have two bottles, because my children are all in me.”

I thank the school for giving me constant knowledge, teaching me something, giving good friends and wonderful teachers.

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Composition “My Attitude Toward School”