“My favorite subject is biology”

One of the most necessary professions is the profession of a teacher. A teacher is one who not only teaches, but also brings up his disciples. He tries to find a key to each of his students, helps everyone find his way in life.

There are many teachers in our school. Each of them is a professional in his teaching profession. Someone is kind, someone is excessively demanding and strict, we do not like too much of one of the teachers, we just adore someone.

But today I want to talk about my favorite subject – biology, as well as about the teacher who teaches him.

This is Mazhugo Irina Alexandrovna. Irina Alexandrovna has been working in our school for many years. She is a hereditary teacher. Her father worked in our school, Tereshonok Alexander Ivanovich, and my mother Tereshonok Anna Pavlovna. Alexander Ivanovich, like my beloved teacher, taught biology, and Anna Pavlovna – history, and also was the head teacher in the school. My father and mother told

me about it, which they studied. Irina Alexandrovna was also a head teacher at the school before this academic year.

Irina Alexandrovna lives in Kalininsky settlement. Rural life with its complexities and problems is familiar to it. Irina’s family is well known and respected in the village.

I really like the lessons of biology. It is so interesting to study the structure of cells, the species of living organisms. In general, I like all sections of biology. On botany, we studied in detail the structure of the cell, plant species. On zoology – species of animals, insects. Well, the subject “Man” in general is very interesting, because in these lessons we learn about ourselves. How can you do without this knowledge in your life?

Irina Alexandrovna is literate, kind and strict in moderation, demanding and understanding us, students. In her lessons we met with a microscope. It was awesome for the first time to look into the world of cells and see what can not be seen with the naked eye.

In her lessons, everything is clear to us – after all, the multimedia projector helps

us to study the material at lessons. We make herbariums, we make excursions to nature to observe plants and insects. And we also have a cherished office in our school – an auxiliary room or a laboratory room. There’s so much interesting! Even in the initial classes we were torn into this back room, so that at least a corner of our eyes to look at the skeleton of a man and see some alcohol-bound animals. It seemed both terrible and interesting at the same time. And now we can come to Irina Alexandrovna at least every day, and we know every shelf in her laboratory room. In the laboratory there are many exhibits, tables, and especially many books. In these books, you can find any information on the subject. The library on biology began to collect more Alexander Ivanovich, and since then she constantly replenishes with books. Irina Alexandrovna is a strict, demanding, but at the same time, kind teacher.

With your favorite teacher

With your favorite teacher

With an electronic textbook

Awesome world of cells

In our class there are students who are not always ready for the lesson, who can do their own things in class. But Irina Alexandrovna very seldom “out of herself”, from every difficult situation tries to come out with a smile and only with a good mood. She is very calm, and this classroom infects this calmness.

We have different lessons in biology – video lessons and quiz-lessons, lectures and practical work. I really like the lessons of self-knowledge. This is when the teacher asks us the most complicated tests from a variety of questions, for example, 50, and one correct lesson should be given. You can use any literature – textbooks, reference books, encyclopedias, but answer the test for one lesson. And, of course, if you do not know the material, do not prepare for the lessons, then no literature will help you – you just do not have time to find all the answers to the questions.

If something is not clear, you can always ask for help from the teacher. If you fall ill, you can study the missed material on an electronic textbook in the biology classroom or take this textbook home. I go to biology lessons after the lessons. We are now preparing for the exams, and, of course, I will choose biology, because Irina Aleksandrovna gives us a solid knowledge.

And Irina Alexandrovna teaches us to take care of nature carefully. Yes, we ourselves know this – because they were born and grew up in the countryside. The knowledge gained at school helps us in life. Irina Alexandrovna leads the elective “Floriculture”. In the lessons of elective we get knowledge about indoor flowers and ornamental plants. In our villages, many grow flowers near the house – it is now accepted that the front garden near the house was beautiful, original. Students living in the village help their parents at home. I also help my mother, I work in the front garden, I look after the flowers and beds. And although my mother does not allow me to work hard, I try to help her.

In the year of Teacher I would like to wish my beloved teacher health, patience, good luck. I also want to wish the teacher to have more salary, because this extremely difficult work is not yet appreciated very well.

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“My favorite subject is biology”