Composition 2 option – Memorable case

I want to talk about the case on the eve of 9 May. One day the school organizer came into the classroom and told me about the idea to pass the pupils to all veterans of the Second World War of our village and help around the house, do what the old people ask. We naturally agreed, chose several addresses and shared with each other. We got 5 people for 1 veteran.

On the second day, immediately after the lessons, we dispersed around the village. The team I was in was a grandmother who did not live far from me. Every day I walked past her yard and did not know that she was alone. It seemed that she has a family, because the yard is always clean, cleaned. The curtains are always snow-white, a large number of flowers on the windows constantly blossom, which means there is someone to look after them, the gates are old, but every year before Easter they are painted.

Not only I was surprised when an old grandmother opened the door, which walks with two sticks. Tears appeared in

her eyes when we explained why they came, but she let us into the yard and found work for everyone. Two cleaned the house, two went to annoy several buckets of potatoes, and I got a kitchen cleaning.

Seeing how she really lives, I was disappointed, because at the time when we were playing and running around the village, we could occasionally come and help lonely people. Fat dishes for a long time did not normally wash, because the old woman’s hands are not at all the same, the dirty floor of the applied dirt after the rain of the day before yesterday, towels that do not already wash, but only throw away and much more. It turned out that only a social worker helps her, who comes 2 times a week, he also brings the products from the store.

With all the work we managed in just two hours, then for a long time sat and listened to stories about the war and about the life of Tamara Fedorovna. We parted when it began to get dark. After this trip, my friend and I started visiting this grandmother every Saturday and helping her than we could. Unfortunately, she did not live long enough for the next 9 May, but we did not stop doing good work and took care of an old man living on the next street.
So this one case, one day into the flesh turned our view of life and attitude towards the elderly.

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Composition 2 option – Memorable case