What kind of sounds does the school meet me?

In the morning I enter the school, and the stream of sounds hits me. Calls, children’s and teacher’s voices, knocking heels on the stairs… And that’s not all.

Here I pass by the gym. From there, the sound of the ball hits on the floor and walls, loud cries of players, bass fizruka-judge, who announces the account and gives commands. You do not need to go inside to figure out the heat of sports passions.

The school canteen announces itself with the sound of dishes, the soft rumbling of children’s voices, the knocking of the chairs being moved away.

Because of the doors of classes against the background of a general silence, the voices of teachers and pupils are heard. But it is worth the teacher to leave the office – there is an even hum, which gradually grows, turns into a loud hubbub.

In the corridors during the lessons, there is a silence that is rarely broken by someone’s quiet voice, at the break – shouts, laughter, the trampling of running feet. Even when you approach the school, you can understand what is happening there.

Sounds live in the world, are part of it, make it diverse and interesting. If you imagine a complete silence, it will be scary. The school is filled with a variety of sounds, and it’s wonderful.

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What kind of sounds does the school meet me?