Alumni writing about the school

Listening to the iridescent trill of the bell on the solemn line about the end of the last academic year, the graduates are desperately trying to look solid and independent. However, this is not good for them, because all the delights of school life today ends the last call. The composition of farewell to childhood perfectly conveys these touching, emotional experiences of yesterday’s schoolchildren.

The wall clock rhythmically counts the last minutes of the lesson of literature. High school students are finishing the composition on the topic “How will I spend the summer”. The dreamy eyes of girls are already full of romance. The guys look burning mischief in anticipation of an extreme, exciting holiday. The last school summer vacation needs to be spent on “one hundred percent”. The next summer, saturated with graduation tests and entry into higher education, will not be so carefree.

The school days of May fly like torn sheets of the calendar.

All the pupils and teachers gathered at the school yard for the solemn line. Under the magic sounds of the notorious march “Farewell of the Slav” there appears a line of graduates who are bandaged with red ribbons. Today the last school bell rings for them. Girls often clap eyelashes so that untreated lakes do not spill with cosmetics.

Guys hold, tightly squeezed their lips, and hide the sadness of the admission bravado. They will never sit down for their desks in the agonizing expectation of the end of the lesson. Now, having grown up, they are grateful to their teachers for their patience and tolerance, rigor and justice, perseverance and responsiveness, kindness and endless faith in the ability of their students. For the fact that, without giving any indulgence, for years they were brought up in them character, perseverance, firmness of spirit and desire for knowledge.

Today, graduates say goodbye not only with the school, but also with childhood. They enter adulthood, full of difficulties, unexpected turns and independent decisions. Therefore, they are a bit confused and upset.


finally the speeches are over. A minute’s pause, and a school bell rings like that. He resurrects memories of the past. Here are funny, shaggy first-timers peeking out frightfully because of their huge bouquets, trying not to let their own parents out of sight. The lessons are so long, endless. The first teacher, strict and demanding, gradually becomes their second mother. And he deceives, and pities, and intercedes before the abusers.

Over the years, the efforts of teachers have paid off. There was an interest in learning, a thirst for new knowledge and discoveries. The stormy discussions at the lessons almost reached the point of fights, but wise teachers taught to think logically and be able to repay conflicts with words. Clever and clever people called respect among classmates and were always ready to help. Life practically passed at school: lessons, changes, dinners, all kinds of competitions and olympiads, competitions and, of course, excursions. The long-awaited summer vacation in the second half of July was already starting to get bored, because there was not enough communication with school friends.

I also remember unpleasant moments: absenteeism, the call of parents to school, the diapers torn from the diary with sheets of deuces. Well, they now seem so nice trifles.

The call died down. Lakes of tears still splashed out of the girl’s eyes. The boys hurried to look for pocket-sized handkerchiefs and wipe tears for classmates. Now they are the last time the whole class will take place on the native school floors. They will go into their favorite office, sit down at their desks to listen to the last message of the class teacher.

Of course, there will also be annual meetings of graduates. In addition, everyone swears to each other in eternal friendship. But the state of childhood will never happen again. The pure, naive eyes of the tear-stained eyes will not repeat. The child’s infinite trust in others will not be repeated. All this will remain behind the closed school door, behind the gate of the schoolyard, behind the farewell swing of the beloved’s hand and already such a native teacher.

So I want to wish today’s schoolchildren not to rush to grow up. Enjoy every moment of your childhood. Appreciate the school friendship. because it is the strongest. Respect the work of teachers, because he is hard labor. Accumulate knowledge, as they are your foundation. Let the memories of the school remain clean, bright and for life.

My last call is an essay, thanks to which it became so nice and warm on the soul! I remembered my last school days: girls in white aprons with bells and tears of teachers at the graduation. It is a pity that it will not return. Guys, enjoy it while you have the opportunity. Very good composition) And it’s great that there is such a site where you can read such masterpieces for free)) thanks!

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Alumni writing about the school