Our school

Our school is a modern two-story building of a typical project. It is located in the center of the city on a picturesque street, named after our great Ukrainian poetess Lesia Ukrainka. Before the school there are round flower beds, where students grow different flowers during the lessons of work.

The school has various specialized classes for physics, chemistry, geography and biology. They have slide projectors, on the walls hang schemes and tables. In the offices of chemistry and physics, there are special laboratories well equipped for various experiments and tests that are conducted by students during the lessons. On the ground floor of our school are classes of English, French and German.

On the walls hang paintings, maps, diagrams and wall newspapers. On the second floor there is a gym and an assembly hall, where we usually gather to celebrate various holidays. We decorate the assembly hall with colored balls, slogans and our drawings. In the gym there are physical education classes, and we also make changes there, playing volleyball and basketball.

In our school there are also primary classes. They are decorated with large paintings, various handicrafts made by our smallest students, posters with alphabet and numbers, etc. These classes are the biggest and most beautiful in our school. We also have a class of aesthetic education, where we take lessons in drawing, music, Russian and Ukrainian literature. Here you will see portraits of Ukrainian poets and writers, posters with the history of the development of Ukrainian costume. The dining room and the cloakroom are located on the first floor.

In general, our school is very clean and bright. On the windows hang white and pink curtains and on the windowsills there are many colors. The corridors are large and full of sunlight. Here we can relax between lessons or just talk to each other. I love my school a lot.

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Our school