The composition of the school of my dreams

Every child learns at school. The school is just that educational institution that shapes the child, as a person. Schools are rural, there are city schools. There are specialized schools, as well as secondary schools. Many schools have an attractive appearance, many schools have been renovated. But, at the same time there are old schools that do not repair at all.

I dream that the school in which I study has an attractive appearance. It is made modern renovation, and it is equipped with modern appliances and furniture. This school is known throughout the country, as it employs the most experienced and competent teachers.

I dream that in my school there were no compulsory subjects, and what subject to learn is chosen by the student at his discretion. For example, you can study the history of the Second World War, affecting history, geography, biology and mathematics. This approach will teach you what you like and what you think you need.

At my dream school, you can study at any time at the discretion of the student. There is no clear timetable for training. Each student chooses his own.

Final exams are also surrendered on a topic that the student chooses, which will guarantee full knowledge and excellent preparation.

This is the ideal school that I dream of.

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The composition of the school of my dreams