School friendship composition

My class was very different from the others. If in parallel classes we fought for progress and discipline, we tried to be friendly and sincere.

From the first bell, we somehow immediately rallied and became one family. Of course, we had pupils and hooligans lagging behind in their academic progress. But, when they realized that the class does not reject them, but, on the contrary, wants to help, they gradually began to correct and please the teachers and parents.

A great role in the cohesion of the class was played by our First Teacher. If someone was guilty, she left the whole class after the lessons and explained to everyone right away about the correctness or incorrectness of our actions. She always taught us to be fair not only with all her friends, but also with the enemies.

There were, of course, misunderstandings and minor skirmishes with students of other classes, but we always knew how to defend our opinion with the Power of a word. Rarely, when it came

to fighting. But even then our friendship and mutual help helped us to win.

School friendship also helped in school. Nobody was ashamed to ask a friend for help on a difficult for themselves, subject. It did not do, of course, without curious cases, when teachers found us cheat sheets or caught at the tips. But no one has ever betrayed anyone. With the years of study, the whole school knew about the Strong and faithful friendship in our class. Therefore, for the tricks asked from all at once. My class is my pride. I know that it will be a year or even a decade, but we will always be on the same wave. Neither time nor distance will separate us spiritually. We will always feel each other in sorrow and in joy.

School time will leave wonderful memories in our minds and hearts about the best years of life. But it will not be soon, but now let’s enjoy the School friendship and learn to be real, beautiful soul, worthy people.

The child on a winter vacation was given the task of writing an essay about his class and school friendship. Based on your text, they wrote their own. It’s a pity, of course, that they do not have such friendly guys in the class. Probably the class teacher does not pay enough attention to children; children almost do not go hiking and nature. Well, okay, the main thing is that they all become good people.

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School friendship composition