Composition about the school

In our school, I study for the third year. During this time, I really fell in love with her. In a huge and my favorite school, there are many classrooms and each of them is imbued with a ray of good, warmth and light. At our school the most diligent, clever and capable pupils study, and the best teachers teach us! Not only lessons are taking place at the school, but also various activities, thanks to which school days become brighter, more joyful and more interesting. There are a lot of guys in our class, and we always try to be friendly. All children love our first teacher, who taught us to write carefully, quickly, correctly read and expressively read. Tatiana Vasilievna became for us a true friend and second mother.

I am proud of my native school and think it about my own. After all, not every school bears the name of our famous compatriot Admiral Arseniy Grigorievich Golovko!

This year the school turns 100 years old is a significant date for each of us. At the centenary, I wish the school prosperity. And let every teacher and pupil in the history of the native school leave a memorable trace of victories in various competitions.

Happy anniversary, my favorite school!

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Composition about the school