“My ideal school” composition

I study in the usual average Russian school. I like to go to classes, we have a friendly and cheerful class, and I love my school. But if I’m asked about what I see as an ideal school, then probably it will be a large bright building with tall windows, located somewhere in a quiet place in nature. Nearby there will be a forest or a pine forest. I would still like to have a pond nearby, but this, probably, will be unsafe.

The first five classes will study the whole program, and then the students will choose the subjects that will be most interesting for them. Of course, there will be a list of compulsory subjects, such as Russian, computer science, mathematics, physical education. Some subjects, such as physics, chemistry, biology, will need to be studied at the primary level, and then at will. Languages ​​and creative subjects – to choose from.

In the dining room of my ideal school there will always be delicious and fresh dishes. Periodically, students will be interviewed about their preferences and wishes regarding the menu. The length of change is enough to eat and drink tea.

A sharp and loud school bell will be replaced by a pleasant melody. The gym and playground will be divided into sections. No one will be forced to engage in general physical education, the pupils themselves will be able to choose the sport that suits them most.

The offices will be equipped with all necessary modern equipment and equipment. The need to wear books will disappear, because they will all be in electronic form. Of course, in an ideal school there should be a lot of different interest groups. Starting from a circle of historical reconstructions and ending with oriental dances. Children should develop in many ways. Perhaps, with our ideal school there will be a small shelter for animals, where pupils will bring homeless animals needing help, take care of them and find a new home for them.

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“My ideal school” composition