Composing school in my life

The school is not only a place where we get new knowledge, but also a place where we find new friends. Everyone remembers his first day at school. This day is the first of September. Exciting, festive, beautiful day. It was from that day that I understood the word “school” as an interesting exciting journey into the world of knowledge.

Since then, every day at school for me is unique. I found many close and dear friends for myself in this place. At each turn you communicate, in each lesson you learn more and more new and interesting.

The uniqueness of my school is that only we have such wonderful, kind and sensitive teachers who are able to find an approach to each student. In each lesson they invest most of their soul in us. Without knowledge, a person can not live today in any country in the world. An educated person is valued anywhere in the world. Therefore, our teachers help each child to learn new material not only for good grades, but also for qualitative knowledge.

Sports, festive events, relay races, olympiads, all extra-curricular games are organized by our school, so our children who study at our school are comprehensively developed.

I think that all the knowledge that we use in life is laid by the school. This knowledge is not only from textbooks, but also knowledge such as etiquette, norms of behavior, responsibility for anything, including for one’s actions.

The school needs to be loved and respected, because you can not do badly to what makes you good day in and day out.

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Composing school in my life